Monday, September 24, 2007

Ahmadinejad kills our soldiers and we treat him like this?

So much news! Where to comment? My heart says this; I am appalled at the access we have allowed to the dictator responsible for directly killing our soldiers! How many soldiers have died because this dictator is supporting terrorism in Iraq?

I am outraged that with the evidence the military has regarding the origin of the weapons killing our troops in Iraq, undeniably it is Iran; we have not arrested Ahmadinejad and held him on murder charges.

I am outraged that Columbia University has allowed this embodiment of evil to speak at the University and is hiding behind “free speech”, when if you speak freely in Iran, you risk execution. Our constitution protects American citizens, not the evil dictators of the world. He deserves nothing that Americans are entitled to.

I am outraged that tax payer dollars are paying for his security detail. I say let him roam our country at his peril. Or better yet, take it out of the UN fund. Wait we pay that like idiots too!

I am outraged that we sit by while this maniac spits in our face and continues to develop nuclear weapons! He would not think twice about sending a nuclear war head to NYC as a “thank you” for the hospitality that we have shown. Does anyone doubt that?

I am outraged that this dictator denies the holocaust and would love to annihilate our friends and allies in Israel! And we allow him to walk freely down the streets of New York!

I am outraged how we as citizens are so willing to “host” the evil that is so willing to kill us because we don’t follow Islam and its dictates!

I am outraged how we can be so stupid! Am I the only one?

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