Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Living his life; ignored!

Senator Sam Brownback is living his life; ignored! For all of you that have read my book you know that is a good thing. This picture of the senator standing in front of a nearly empty room, reminds me of the cover of my book. I have been where he is in this picture at my debate during the 2006 campaign for congress.

The media is doing this to marginalize the senator but I applaud him. He is in the “game”. He is making a difference in the world in his own way and his kids and family are surely proud of his efforts. Compared to most, Sam Brownback is a winner because he has chosen a passion and followed it. This is a man I would like to meet just to talk to him about his view on the world. He may never become president, but it is not because he didn’t try. Think about that for a moment. Then think about what you’re doing with your life. Are you willing to go out and get ignored?


chukmaty said...

I was coming into your blog pretty critical of Sam Browback and how he has run his campaign... but your points are good ones sir.

I don't think anyone ought to question his sincerity. Also he has drawn attention to the plight of the unborn, and for that how can I not applaud him?

Billy Valentine said...

The photo of Brownback at St. Anselm is highly disingenuous. There were over 50 people at the speech as they came and went over the lunch hour. That shot was taken at the end of the Q&A after the students had left to make it to their 1p classes.

Rich said...

Billy: Thanks for the first hand update. Like I stated, "the media is trying to marginalize" the Senator's campaign. I believe he is doing the right thing for the country by getting involved. I am hoping to highlight that we all need to participate and he should be applauded, loudly, for his efforts. I have not endorsed any presidential candidate and believe that Senator Brownback has as a good a shot as any, and better than anyone not in the race. Thanks for updating us!

Anonymous said...

I was going to give you a call when I saw the article because of the similarity. Sen. Brownback is a great guy and I don't understand why the media is going after him. He's not a threat to any candidate unless they are trying to downplay his conservative values. APH