Saturday, September 22, 2007

Healthcare shopping...

I gave my first presentation of my new book, My Life; Ignored! And I believe it went well. By the reaction of the audience I hit a chord. The presentation was in Syracuse NY, and as a result I was able to spend some time with my in-laws that live close by. I was also able to bring my wife which is something I now wish I could do more of! We were able to spend some time at our family’s camp in the Adirondacks and do things as a couple rather than parents. A welcome break but we miss our children immensely; I swear!

We also had the pleasure of the company of family friends visiting from England, and it is so enlightening to speak with people from another country. They are wonderful people and like my in-laws are now either in their 70’s or pushing 70. Let me tell you 70 is young!!

We were able to have lunch overlooking the lake that our family camp sits on, and the conversation turned to healthcare. I sat and listened without speaking a word (I swear!) and it was absolutely engaging. In the hour or so conversation, the stories were interesting but the one thing that stood out to me was the one aspect of healthcare I find most important; accountability. During the entire conversation it was more about insurance companies, gap insurance, and government programs, both in England and America, and not about doctors or the price of their services.

My take away from the entire conversation was that we need to change the conversation from shopping for insurance, to shopping for doctors. Why do we need a middle man? Catastrophic care period. We need to shop for medical doctors like we shop for an eye doctor or chiropractor. We can have insurance for the heart attack, or the big surgeries, and cancer treatment, but let’s get back to some basic accountability principles with routine healthcare.

The issue is not getting people onto insurance; it’s getting them off of insurance. Don’t let the politicians scare you; it’s exactly what they need to get you to make a bad decision. You know better than them on how to shop for things that are important to you! Doctors and routine healthcare is no different. Just a thought…


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had an opportunity for a working few days out on the stump with Justine. Also to speak w/relatives on a subject that is very important to the political side of you. You are so right 70 is still young!! How are book sales going? I'm sure Taylor & Emily enjoyed themselves too. Love to all! Mom

Kelly McLaughlin said...

I can testify that your presentation was excellent and VERY well received! Everyone really enjoyed your message and your style of presentation. I ordered my own copy of My Life; Ignored for my Leadership library! I can't wait to share the book and the message with the rest of my staff. I know others that attended the presentation feel the same way! Thanks for your infectious passion and've inspired me to dig deep to make sure I'm fulfilling what I'm passionate about! -Kelly McLaughlin (Rochester, NY)

Kenny said...


Welcome back! I have been going through Rich Hand blog withdrawal. I am very glad to hear the My Life Ignored Book Tour is going well. I haven't had a chance to tell you but I loved the book. It was very witty and inspiring and I am very proud to tell people my brother wrote it.

It is funny how great minds think alike...I am very interested in the healthcare situation and I too believe that 3rd party payor systems (insurance companies) are one of the reason we have some of the problems we do...last night I completed my blog on healthcare...I will post it tonight.