Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tribute to 9/11 and how Hillary is hiding $850,000…

First; let’s never forget our fellow citizens and heroes that died on September 11th 2001. Watching some of the coverage this morning there were suggestions that we “move on”. I ask; if we “move on” will we not forget our history and be prone to repeating it? There is also a huge effort to minimize the fact that our enemy is Islamic extremists. One commentator on one of the morning shows said we needed to be careful not to mention Islam in a negative light. Again, I disagree and believe we must face reality and confront our enemies head on. That is the only path to our national security and continued prosperity. God Bless the victims of 9/11 and their families…

Interesting how Hillary timed her fundraising “issue” to hit during the 9/11
coverage. Anyone else suspicious?

These are the stories that disgust people when it comes to politics and in particular, political campaigns. Hillary Clinton is returning $850,000 worth of donations from Norman Hsu (pronounced shoe). $850,000! Does anyone NOT think there is a problem with this type of fundraising? This screams out INFLUENCE PEDLING! Who honestly believes that Hsu will get the same treatment as me or you if we were to call Hillary’s office with a request to vote a particular way on a bill? Do you think he will be on the guest list of most democratic politicians? Do you think the republicans would love to have his money as well?

Let’s limit contributions from PAC’s to $0.00. Candidates can only receive funding from the residents in their district or state depending on the office. I know the house and senate vote on issues that are national in nature, but business and interest groups can show up in the office of the congressmen and women just like we can. They can pay their lobbyists by raising contributions from interested parties but none of that money should go to any campaign or mention any candidate. They can “sell” their issue just like Wendy’s sells chicken, but it is time to shut off the money spicket from PAC’s to campaign coffers.

Money is free speech; I agree with that premise. But every dollar a candidate can use should come directly from the constituents in his or her district. Individuals only; period. The NRA and Planned Parenthood can splash their issues across the television sets of America but not one nickel of their funds should be allowed to support any individual campaign.

And one final thought; do we need more career politicians like Hillary Clinton or would it be better to recruit some new blood to drive our nation?

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Sheri said...

We need NO ONE else like Hillary Clinton. I about gagged yesterday when she told Gen Petraeus that one would have to suspend disbelief to accept what he was saying in his report as true. The nerve of her questioning his integrity. Of all people to question someone's integrity! Not sure which NY senator is worse!