Thursday, November 15, 2012

It’s Time To Call Stupid, Stupid!

The economy has been stagnant for the last 3 years and the excuse continues to be that we are still digging out of an economic collapse rivaling the great depression. We believe that excuse? The reality is the economic collapse was caused by government interference. The government forced lenders to reduce or remove income requirements that people actually have the means to pay back the mortgages they agreed to. In order to convince the private sector to go along with this scheme to increase home ownership at any cost, the federal government guaranteed these loans so that there was no risk to the private institutions. The federal government is the root cause of this market meltdown.

The domino effect of these federal mandates to loan money to anyone and everyone impacted the overall economy, and sent the fragile auto industry into crisis. The economic crisis was compounding the fact that the auto industry had embarked on union contracts that were unsustainable. Add to that the years of regulations that have added costs to the production of cars by the federal government, and you have a cost model to produce a product that was sure to collapse. Instead of letting the companies go through bankruptcy, which has always proven to be the best method of restructuring, the federal government stepped in to take over GM and Chrysler. The federal government took tax payer dollars, saved the unions, and fired nonunion workers. Even though they say this was a “success”, it has hampered the auto industries comeback. Ford who refused the bailout is actually the healthiest car company today. The taxpayers are going to lose billions of dollars once the final tally is counted.

Obamacare is mandating insurance coverage, forcing doctors to take ridiculously low fees to see government funded patients (Medicare), increasing taxes on medical devices and innovative companies trying to make the industry more productive, forcing patients to tell the IRS about their personal healthcare matters, and people are surprised that the cost of healthcare is rising and the quality is going to be impacted as well. What do stupid people think will happen?

The EPA and the president stop the energy production of fossil fuels including the Keystone pipeline, put tax payer money into sustainable energy companies whose business models are unsustainable, and people wonder why gas prices average $3.50 a gallon. What do stupid people think about this?

The intrusion of the federal government into our markets and lives is destroying the wealth and health of this country and we applaud this president for “caring” about the “common guy.” Tax the rich because they make so much anyway!! It doesn’t matter that the people that are wealthy have created most of the jobs in this country, or the fact that rewards improve the likelihood people will risk their money to start a business, but we are too stupid to figure this out. Stupid people want to punish the people that create jobs as companies announce layoffs. What did the stupid people expect?

The federal government has not presented the country with a budget for 3 years. We accept it and chalk it up to politics. Chalk it up to people too stupid to hold their government accountable.

If we don’t take back our educational institutions from the incompetent people in charge, we are doomed forever. Our kids are not taught about our founding, constitution, the power of capitalism and free markets or how to think analytically, and we wonder why people are stupid enough to vote for more of this policy chaos?

  Stupid is what stupid does…

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mandate? Not for the President…

The President and democrats in congress are talking about a “mandate” from the people to raise taxes. Really? If that were true, don’t you think the voters would have given the House of Representatives a democratic advantage if that was the case? Every spending and tax bill originates in the house and who was elected to the house in a majority? Republicans, and every republican ran on spending cuts not tax increases. So you could say that the American people actually voted for a mandate of spending cuts.

Any talk of giving into the president’s agenda is wrong and will further divide this nation. The federal government has an addiction to spending and most Americans believe it is time to put the federal government into spending rehab. If the voters were asked the question: should the government increase taxes on small businesses in order to create jobs and reduce the deficit? I believe people understand taxing the people that they work for is not a good idea and will come out of their hide either way. It is when the question is posed to “tax the rich” it wins support. Which is unfortunate in itself but “the rich” have been demonized by democrats for so long that this faceless group is easy to gain support for punishment.

President Obama won by a razor thin majority and not by a landslide. The people that are continuing to gloat over their win will soon find themselves in a situation where they are laid off, cutting back, paying more for everything, and if taxes are permitted to be raised, a deep recession. My heart breaks for my children and their generation, because they have been lied to, and may never again see a great America if this president gets what he is hoping for in his final term. The gloating is disturbing.

So based on the election results the House of Representatives must stop the fiscal bankruptcy by cutting spending. If they want to close some loop holes that is OK as long as everyone’s taxes are raised. The 47% who don’t pay federal tax must be made to pay something since they get most of the services.

We are a divided nation and it is getting worse. There is no need to come together on the issue of raising taxes because it will destroy our economy. And then we will be in it together but in a place we will not want to be. The mandate is to cut spending not increase taxes. Republicans must remember that and focus on reforming all entitlements and balancing the budget…  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ideas VS Identity Politics

Here’s an idea; how about we create a system that allows for nearly full employment at livable wages? Good idea? If this idea came true would it be good for only Republicans or Democrats? Would political party matter if the idea worked and put Americans back to work?

Here’s an idea; how about we create a system that gives women first priority on all jobs in the marketplace. Until we know there are no women that want the job we can then open it up to men. Would political party matter? Most likely yes because this is not an idea that would be created to benefit the masses, it is more likely a policy to reward a specific group. This particular group being women and the two parties thrive on implementing policies that increase their power amongst the citizenry.

I could continue with the examples but when it comes to government policies, they are often designed by politicians to support constituents. It is called identity politics. Republicans play identity politics with religious right to life groups promising they will use the hammer of the federal government to impose rules on family matters like pregnancy and abortion. Democrats play identity politics with the gay community by promising to support gay marriage and adoption by using the hammer of the federal government to force people to accept these positions.

Using the hammer of the federal government is used by both of the political parties. It is simply that the democrats have more groups they represent than the republicans do. Identity politics is nowhere to be found in the US Constitution. The constitution was written to limit the power of the federal government and was originally focused on the things that were of common interest to the states. The national defense, foreign treaties, and a place states could resolve their disputes between each other.

But today the federal government has devolved into a hammer between the states and citizens and is destroying the common fabric of our nation. It must end before it destroys us. It will take a new way of thinking but is a message that all thinking individuals could rally around.

We must start electing governors that are willing to nullify federal law and embrace the ninth and tenth amendments to the constitution. The talk about the Republican Party having to moderate is not the answer. What Republicans must do is to give up the hammers it uses to get their ideas codified at the federal level. Abortion, gay marriage, prayer in school, school vouchers, etc… must be looked at in a new way.

Most of the most controversial issues are codified in the tax code and by Supreme Court decisions. Do we believe that a Marriage Amendment at the federal level will make people respect marriage more? Marriage is good for our society for the creation and raising of children, but should the federal government be used as a hammer to enforce it? Of course not, marriage is mostly a religious sacrament and we should allow churches to manage it the way they believe is in their best interest. If a church wants to support gay marriage let them. Go to another church. If you believe abortion is the taking of a life make your arguments to convince people of your view. By using the hammer of the federal government to infringe on people’s private, difficult, and personal matters you lose any credibility of truly wanting to reduce the federal government. Wanting to regulate life upon conception can’t be managed without infringing on other people’s rights and the federal government is not an entity we should want so involved in our personal lives. Conservatives must be consistent or they lose.

If we really want to reduce the federal government, we must argue against every area that the federal government should not be. Freedom has costs. If you are a Christian you believe we will all be judged. We should live by example and resist the hammer of the federal government to get our messages and policy implemented.

We can become a much greater nation when we focus on our own lives and limit the hammer of the federal government to implement policies. When we commit to limit the federal government to its original intent we have to put down our hammers as well. You can be opposed to policy but we must accept what it means to be a free society. We also can fight battles in the states where we have more impact and if we choose, we can live in any state that most closely reflects our values. We first need to reduce the influence of the federal government.

The way we do that is to argue and fight for a constitutional republic by using the tenth amendment and putting all of our hammers aside.     

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Facts Remain

The election may be over but the facts remain. The facts are we have a president that is fundamentally transforming America. He is pursuing policies that make us weaker economically, morally, and as a beacon of freedom to the free world.

The economic policy we need to be pursuing is full breasted capitalism. We need to be driving our economy by reducing government interference through lower taxes, reduced regulation, and a sound fed that stops printing money. This president is taking the exact opposite position to capitalism. Worse he believes in crony capitalism which is the worst kind. His support of green energy companies with federal tax dollars has been an abject failure. Green needs to be market driven, not driven through handouts. Unemployment will remain high and we need to realize this is the new normal. He is managing America’s decline.

Liberalism breeds immoral behavior. If you incentivize bad behavior you get more of it. Welfare is a way of life instead of a hand during a difficult time. This president is expanding welfare rolls which are only going to worsen the opportunities of the poor communities he purports to want to help. The inner cities are third world not because they don’t get enough support; it is because they get the wrong type of support. These communities need to be supported by churches and private charities not the federal government. This president will breed more ignorance, poverty, and envy in these communities with his policies.

The foreign policy of this president is really hard to analyze because there really isn’t much to go on. Based on his actions we can speculate he supports radical Islam. Even though he goes after leaders of extreme groups he fails to see that these same groups are taking over the Middle East. He is supporting people that are clearly on record to want us dead. These groups like the Muslim Brotherhood would chop off your head in a heartbeat. This president supports them in creating a new “democratic” government. The problem is their democratic goal is Sharia law. Israel is being singled out and forced to protect themselves from the savages that surround them. This president only provides lip service to the support of Israel. We have 4 dead Americans in Benghazi that this president will not answer questions about. He is responsible and will not take accountability. It may be his downfall.

There are so many facts but I could never list them all. The people that voted for this president have not thought through the consequences. Unfortunately elections are looked at as a competition between Democrats and Republicans and the losers are always the American people. We are more divided than ever and it puts us in grave peril. This president has taken his eye off the terrorist ball and we will be attacked during this term. It is a prediction that scares the heck out of me but all you have to do is analyze the policies of this administration, and look at how emboldened our enemies have become to understand we are vulnerable.

We can’t move on and come together because the stakes are too high to let this president continue forward with destructive policies. The next line of defense will be the Governors of this great Republic. We gained seats and it is now time to enforce the Tenth Amendment to stop the destructive policies of this President. More on this strategy in the future…

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where Do We Turn?

My heart is heavy today. I was so sure that Americans were smart enough to understand that the man they chose in 2008 was not qualified to lead this great nation. But I also know political leadership is a reflection of the values of the people that elect them. The people that re-elected this president have done so to all of our family’s peril.

What can we do? I am currently reflecting on the next steps for my family because as an informed citizen I can see the future based on the values of this current president, and the future for America is not bright. I can only reach into my soul and remember that George Washington faced so many moments of defeat but endured and helped give the world a miraculous form of government that created the most prosperity and freedom the world has ever seen. Are we at that moment in time? Do we need to regroup and fight again for our constitution or do we give up and accept we have lost our country? If we are going to fight, what does that look like?

I have been part of a parental team that has raised two children to believe that if they work hard they will succeed. I am no longer so sure about that. This president has put a target on the individual and is selling the idea of the collective. We need to come together he says as a nation to face the challenges of the country. The solution is to ask those that have succeeded to pay more. How much more? To give the money to who? For what purpose? How do we define the deserving versus the lazy? Have we not been giving money to the inner city communities for decades? What have been the results? More poverty, more dependence, more crime, more ignorance, more envy, more division. If my kids work hard will they be able to keep their earned property? Will they be held accountable to support the collective? How long will they accept the burden of labor to support the lifestyle of the collective? Will they remain free?

The people that voted for Obama want the country and those of us that are devastated to “move on and come together.” Move on to where, and come together for what purpose? We no longer share the American values that made us great. We no longer are a nation that stands for a vision and purpose as outlined in our Declaration and Constitution. We have been divided by the very person that is obligated in our constitution to bring us together. We can no longer agree that the economic system that has created our ability to be compassionate is the greatest system in the world, even though some people succeed more than their neighbor due to hard work. The people who want to put this election behind us don’t even understand this is not an option for those of us that love this country with all their heart. We see our country slipping away and see the people that elected this man as the reason we are in for a devastating blow to our constitutional republic.

I can’t move on or come together and will fight in some way to save this nation. But I feel like I have nowhere to turn. I feel alone but I know I am part of a very large group of patriots that are waiting for a divine intervention, some sign, and need a place to harness our purpose to take this nation back. Where do we turn?

I only have questions today as I weep for this nation. I have no answers but I do know I cannot allow this country to be fundamentally transformed. Answers will come in the days ahead. For now I must deal with the reality that the majority of people in this country have failed her…

Monday, November 5, 2012

On The Eve of Election Day…

I can say I am excited but reserved in my hope we will see a man elected tomorrow that will bring the real change we need to save the future of this country. That man is Mitt Romney. I believe Mitt Romney has been chosen because he is the right remedy for the ailments we have seen not only over the past 4 years but all of the years we have made the federal government a bigger part of our lives. We must reject big government and put our faith in American individuals and the local church and charitable communities. I would be remiss if I did not mention we need to get back to constitutional government.

If President Obama wins a second term I think we need to put together a strategy at the state level to implement Tenth Amendment restrictions on the federal government but I hope it doesn’t come down to that.

I am optimistic that America will make the decision to put someone in office that believes in and has lived the American Dream. We need to reject the President’s divisive campaign and his insistence that we encourage envy amongst our fellow Americans because they have become successful.

The reason socialism and the president’s path will never work is because it goes against human nature. Our constitution incorporates the harnessing of human nature. It is designed to undermine mob rule, protects minorities and individuals, and puts the most important decisions at the local level. We are not all equal in ability but we should all get an equal shot at success. Those that work hard are rewarded in our system. The government should never be allowed to punish success and give it to others that are not deserving. Compassion comes because of success and wealth, not because it is mandated from a central authority.

We are great because of individuals first. We form volunteer communities to help our fellow man. Confiscating individual wealth for the collective breeds resentment, anger, and divides us as a nation. Mitt Romney understands this because he has lived it. Our current president’s only experience is taking from one group to give to another. That is not America and that is why I believe he will be rejected tomorrow.

I look forward to tomorrow and pray for America. I pray we will see Americans come together to take back the greatest nation in the world to stop this president’s “fundamental transformation” that has pitted American against American, and has started us on a path of decline the likes of which we have not seen in my lifetime.

God Bless America.