Monday, November 5, 2012

On The Eve of Election Day…

I can say I am excited but reserved in my hope we will see a man elected tomorrow that will bring the real change we need to save the future of this country. That man is Mitt Romney. I believe Mitt Romney has been chosen because he is the right remedy for the ailments we have seen not only over the past 4 years but all of the years we have made the federal government a bigger part of our lives. We must reject big government and put our faith in American individuals and the local church and charitable communities. I would be remiss if I did not mention we need to get back to constitutional government.

If President Obama wins a second term I think we need to put together a strategy at the state level to implement Tenth Amendment restrictions on the federal government but I hope it doesn’t come down to that.

I am optimistic that America will make the decision to put someone in office that believes in and has lived the American Dream. We need to reject the President’s divisive campaign and his insistence that we encourage envy amongst our fellow Americans because they have become successful.

The reason socialism and the president’s path will never work is because it goes against human nature. Our constitution incorporates the harnessing of human nature. It is designed to undermine mob rule, protects minorities and individuals, and puts the most important decisions at the local level. We are not all equal in ability but we should all get an equal shot at success. Those that work hard are rewarded in our system. The government should never be allowed to punish success and give it to others that are not deserving. Compassion comes because of success and wealth, not because it is mandated from a central authority.

We are great because of individuals first. We form volunteer communities to help our fellow man. Confiscating individual wealth for the collective breeds resentment, anger, and divides us as a nation. Mitt Romney understands this because he has lived it. Our current president’s only experience is taking from one group to give to another. That is not America and that is why I believe he will be rejected tomorrow.

I look forward to tomorrow and pray for America. I pray we will see Americans come together to take back the greatest nation in the world to stop this president’s “fundamental transformation” that has pitted American against American, and has started us on a path of decline the likes of which we have not seen in my lifetime.

God Bless America.  

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