Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Facts Remain

The election may be over but the facts remain. The facts are we have a president that is fundamentally transforming America. He is pursuing policies that make us weaker economically, morally, and as a beacon of freedom to the free world.

The economic policy we need to be pursuing is full breasted capitalism. We need to be driving our economy by reducing government interference through lower taxes, reduced regulation, and a sound fed that stops printing money. This president is taking the exact opposite position to capitalism. Worse he believes in crony capitalism which is the worst kind. His support of green energy companies with federal tax dollars has been an abject failure. Green needs to be market driven, not driven through handouts. Unemployment will remain high and we need to realize this is the new normal. He is managing America’s decline.

Liberalism breeds immoral behavior. If you incentivize bad behavior you get more of it. Welfare is a way of life instead of a hand during a difficult time. This president is expanding welfare rolls which are only going to worsen the opportunities of the poor communities he purports to want to help. The inner cities are third world not because they don’t get enough support; it is because they get the wrong type of support. These communities need to be supported by churches and private charities not the federal government. This president will breed more ignorance, poverty, and envy in these communities with his policies.

The foreign policy of this president is really hard to analyze because there really isn’t much to go on. Based on his actions we can speculate he supports radical Islam. Even though he goes after leaders of extreme groups he fails to see that these same groups are taking over the Middle East. He is supporting people that are clearly on record to want us dead. These groups like the Muslim Brotherhood would chop off your head in a heartbeat. This president supports them in creating a new “democratic” government. The problem is their democratic goal is Sharia law. Israel is being singled out and forced to protect themselves from the savages that surround them. This president only provides lip service to the support of Israel. We have 4 dead Americans in Benghazi that this president will not answer questions about. He is responsible and will not take accountability. It may be his downfall.

There are so many facts but I could never list them all. The people that voted for this president have not thought through the consequences. Unfortunately elections are looked at as a competition between Democrats and Republicans and the losers are always the American people. We are more divided than ever and it puts us in grave peril. This president has taken his eye off the terrorist ball and we will be attacked during this term. It is a prediction that scares the heck out of me but all you have to do is analyze the policies of this administration, and look at how emboldened our enemies have become to understand we are vulnerable.

We can’t move on and come together because the stakes are too high to let this president continue forward with destructive policies. The next line of defense will be the Governors of this great Republic. We gained seats and it is now time to enforce the Tenth Amendment to stop the destructive policies of this President. More on this strategy in the future…

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