Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where Do We Turn?

My heart is heavy today. I was so sure that Americans were smart enough to understand that the man they chose in 2008 was not qualified to lead this great nation. But I also know political leadership is a reflection of the values of the people that elect them. The people that re-elected this president have done so to all of our family’s peril.

What can we do? I am currently reflecting on the next steps for my family because as an informed citizen I can see the future based on the values of this current president, and the future for America is not bright. I can only reach into my soul and remember that George Washington faced so many moments of defeat but endured and helped give the world a miraculous form of government that created the most prosperity and freedom the world has ever seen. Are we at that moment in time? Do we need to regroup and fight again for our constitution or do we give up and accept we have lost our country? If we are going to fight, what does that look like?

I have been part of a parental team that has raised two children to believe that if they work hard they will succeed. I am no longer so sure about that. This president has put a target on the individual and is selling the idea of the collective. We need to come together he says as a nation to face the challenges of the country. The solution is to ask those that have succeeded to pay more. How much more? To give the money to who? For what purpose? How do we define the deserving versus the lazy? Have we not been giving money to the inner city communities for decades? What have been the results? More poverty, more dependence, more crime, more ignorance, more envy, more division. If my kids work hard will they be able to keep their earned property? Will they be held accountable to support the collective? How long will they accept the burden of labor to support the lifestyle of the collective? Will they remain free?

The people that voted for Obama want the country and those of us that are devastated to “move on and come together.” Move on to where, and come together for what purpose? We no longer share the American values that made us great. We no longer are a nation that stands for a vision and purpose as outlined in our Declaration and Constitution. We have been divided by the very person that is obligated in our constitution to bring us together. We can no longer agree that the economic system that has created our ability to be compassionate is the greatest system in the world, even though some people succeed more than their neighbor due to hard work. The people who want to put this election behind us don’t even understand this is not an option for those of us that love this country with all their heart. We see our country slipping away and see the people that elected this man as the reason we are in for a devastating blow to our constitutional republic.

I can’t move on or come together and will fight in some way to save this nation. But I feel like I have nowhere to turn. I feel alone but I know I am part of a very large group of patriots that are waiting for a divine intervention, some sign, and need a place to harness our purpose to take this nation back. Where do we turn?

I only have questions today as I weep for this nation. I have no answers but I do know I cannot allow this country to be fundamentally transformed. Answers will come in the days ahead. For now I must deal with the reality that the majority of people in this country have failed her…

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