Friday, August 28, 2009

He Wasn’t That Popular…

The media is attempting to galvanize sympathy and support for Ted Kennedy but he wasn’t popular in the true sense of the word. I would argue his only popularity came with his ability to take from the U.S. treasury to give to his constituents and his brother JFK’s memory. Beyond that no one outside of Massachusetts has much in common with this deeply flawed man.

Here is what a Vatican spokesman had to say, “Back at headquarters, however, there is little room for nuance."Here in Rome Ted Kennedy is nobody. He's a legend with his own constituency," says the Vatican official. "If he had influence in the past it was only with the Archdiocese of Boston and that eventually disappeared too."

If the democrats believe that invoking this guys memory to impose their idea of healthcare reform, they are sadly mistaken. This man will galvanize his opponents more than his limited supporters. You see Ted Kennedy was not a man of the people; he was an elitist in the Senate. He never truly cared about the people or he would not have imposed the government programs that steal people’s dreams, lock them in poverty, and sentence them to a life of despair.

The Senate will never be the same again, and that is good for Americans everywhere…

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It’s a Reflection of Our Education System…

This administration and their inability to understand simple math, basic human behaviors, and our history is the reason our nation is sinking into the current economic abyss. They are the product of a failed education policy that is run by government bureaucracy. The quality of public education and its focus on everything except what is important to the health of our nation has come home to roost.

Obama and his team may be educated but they are far from smart. We have been teaching community without a firm understanding of the importance of the individual. We have been teaching animal rights when we have not been teaching constitutional rights. We have been teaching economics without connecting it to the human behaviors that incentivize and stop economic transactions.

We have filled our schools with teachers that have only their educational experience to pass on and very little real life experience. The educational “diversity” is nil to none and it shows. The key to our future is education and controlling the curriculum. We have allowed people like the current administration too much control over our future and now we see how important that piece of the culture is.

It is time for some adult and analytical conversation in this country. Stop spending money we don’t have; cut the taxes on the engine of our freedom and economy (business and personal taxes), and return the power back to where it belongs in the states and the people. Finally we must take back education and control the curriculum to align with the American value system…

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Moral Obligation; really?

Yesterday President Obama in a plea to “progressive” Catholic leaders tried to pontificate that it is our moral obligation to take care of our fellow man. Really; where did he reference this obligation? The Bible I believe. Now call me a cynic but didn’t the Obama justice department just threaten jail terms to High School teachers in Florida for referencing a prayer in public?

Again, call me a cynic, but you can’t reference the bible when it suits your argument to pass healthcare legislation and then arrest people for praying as we are asked to do in that same Bible. And as far as I know there is no reference in the Bible that the “government” has an obligation to “take care” of its citizens. The Bible talks about we as individuals should be our brother’s keeper. No third party shift of responsibility but a direct request of we as individuals.

And we do it better and with more compassion than any other nation through our churches and private charities. Using the Bible as the basis of government action is not only dangerous it is unconstitutional. Dangerous because if you attempt to apply the teachings of the Bible through the government apparatus, you are asking for tyranny. How can the government enforce “love thy neighbor”, “treat others as you would like to be treated” , “be thy brother’s keeper”; through law? We as individuals must be grounded in our faith and have a moral foundation for this government to work, but you can’t legislate the Bible teachings when it suits you.

The Christian faith is the foundation of our success and compassion in this country. The liberals including many in this administration are doing their best to destroy Christianity in the public square and now we are expected to believe that it is the Bible teachings that support a government takeover of healthcare?

These people are unbelievable. The Bible is a guide to living our lives to the fullest as individuals. There are too many sinners in this government to trust them with anything never mind our health decisions. Let us pray these people are defeated and seen for what they are… Am I under arrest? I guess that depends on if I support government healthcare…

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Constitutional Authority?

Congress is demanding documents from insurance companies that provide health insurance. The purpose of this request is to demonize the spending practices of these companies. I know a lot of people hate insurance companies but I have to ask you; what authority does congress have to investigate a private company without evidence of wrong doing? The federal government is out of control and out of their constitutional bounds.

Most insurance companies are regulated at the state level and have to pay for mandated services and yes, still make a profit. But why should these companies hand over any information to congress for the purpose of demonizing what the company chooses to do with their profits?

This congress is collecting this information to say that it is better to have the government provide insurance because they will not spend their money on high salaries, conferences, corporate training events, and maybe a company car or plane. But we know better; congress will bankrupt healthcare just like they have Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, the mortgage/finance business, and soon the car industry.

The CEO’s of these companies need to stand up and say no! They should say no we will not provide this information to a panel of corrupt congressman to demonize a legitimate American business. They should ask for the constitutional provision that gives them the authority to take their private records. I will bet that these particular congressmen have never read the constitution and more likely would care less what it says…

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is why Democratic and Some Republican Politicians Despise you…

Gallup just released a new poll saying conservatives outnumber liberals in all 50 states. This is not surprising news in the “average joe” community that I and most of America belongs to because we see people living their lives every day quite happy to be left alone. But for politicians the word “conservative” means; backwards, red neck, ill informed, under educated, Bible thumping, gun owning, barbequing ignoramuses.

That’s right, the elitist politicians despise American tradition and values which is exactly why they are trying to ram healthcare and cap and trade down our throats. You see we are too stupid to understand that they are only trying to protect us from “global warming” and those mean greedy insurance companies.

We would do better at this point without a Federal government than with one. People in the heartland know government is a boondoggle wherever it is tried. So be prepared for a second assault on your freedom as they get ready to jam healthcare down our throats this September.

Remember what they think of you; you’re stupid and don’t know what’s good for you. Let’s show them what Stupid does when Stupid knows. Stupid shows up and says no…

Monday, August 17, 2009

The People have Spoken But Beware…

There has been a reported “retreat” on taking over our healthcare but don’t be fooled. This is simply a regrouping of tactics for an administration that has within it elitists that have absolute disdain for the “average” American citizen.

Rahm Emanuel’s brother and a host of Czars that have been put in place in Obama’s administration are willing to do anything to fool you into voting for any legislation on healthcare that they can use as a Trojan horse to take away your rights and freedom.

Don’t be fooled into allowing any government intervention by this crew. They despise the fact that you just drove them back. Great work but don’t let the guard down…

Morals VS. Money

The Vick story makes me sick. I don’t begrudge Vick for getting back into the NFL but if I had anything to do with that league he would have been sidelined for life. I think people that can so callously kill domestic animals are despicable people I don’t want to be around, and I certainly don’t want my kids growing up to see this man as a role model.

We have lost our moral compass. Should Vick get another chance? Probably but not at the level or position that in my opinion should be occupied by not only the best players but the best role models. I know many sports fans may disagree but what are you willing to give up to win a football game?

Friday, August 14, 2009

When Did Loving God Become Criminal?

Gasp! I can see why people would be so upset! I think they should consider a life sentence for such vile behavior! This is a quote directly from the article:

“The criminal charges, which carry up to a $5,000 fine and a six-month jail term, originated with a Jan. 28 incident in which Mr. Lay, a deacon at a local Baptist church, asked Mr. Freeman to offer mealtime prayers at a lunch for school employees and booster-club members who had helped with a school field-house project.”

The gall of these people to give thanks at mealtime to God! What would our founders and constitutional authors think? I’m glad you asked. They would be absolutely outraged that the effort to ban God has become so common in this country. They built the constitution on the understanding and belief we would always be grounded in Christian principles. Without this grounding they knew that the countries’ future would be at risk.

The “separation” of church and state has been so warped by the ACLU that these types of outrageous assaults on individual liberty don’t generate absolute revolt against these organizations that promote this garbage.

This is just another argument to get the “public” out of education and put it in private hands. This way people can choose their schools based on their beliefs.

Is praying to God worthy of 5 years in prison? Are we insane?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Revolution is Already Under Way…

When the American Revolution finally happened it was preceded by many events similar to what is currently under way in the healthcare debate. Government mandates that infringed on the public’s ability to have their voices heard. King George knew what was happening but believed if he steam rolled forward, ignored his subjects he could stomp out the uprisings that were happening in the colonies.

Obama and his administration are making the same mistake. The current course of the federal government is to limit public input and is taking away basic principles of petitioning our government. This administration is now on the receiving end of what King George mis-calculated in 1776. The people are done with an intrusive central power intent on determining the destiny of their lives.

These “townhall” meetings are going to get more and more contentious. The emotional connection with losing freedom cannot be quelled with a simple request for “civility”. There is nothing civil about denying freedom. As a matter of fact it is the perfect excuse for a revolution…

Friday, August 7, 2009

Union Thugs Are Nothing New And They’re Not Enough…

I supported Mitt Romney’s senate campaign against Ted Kennedy back in 96 and the same tactic they used then is coming back today. The meeting in Tampa as seen in this video is typical of the left’s answer to debate and criticism; bring in the goons.

These union members should be ashamed of themselves. Are they not Americans first? The reason there is such opposition to healthcare is the speed, secrecy, and elitism that is being used to push it through. There has been no debate and members of congress don’t even know what is in the bill. We should all be scared as Americans.

Corner an American and what you get is similar to any creature you corner; a violent reaction. These members of congress who are closing down their meetings with union bouncers are getting the reaction it deserves; total rebellion. This is the American way when our government over steps its bounds. These congress people and union thugs are inciting the reaction they are getting.

And what is president Obama’s response? To blame the protestors, call in the brown shirts to rat out good Americans that disagree, and basically dig a bigger hole for his presidency. The next step will be a total revolt of the American people against this government and it is being fueled by the arrogance of this president.

They are thugs from Chicago and they are used to getting their way. This is not Chicago, this is America. We are on the rise and ready to confront this assault on America’s traditions, values, and freedom. Bring it on Mr. president. Union members that support you are not enough to stop the will of the American people. We are ready to fight for our freedoms; whose side are you on?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Remember Who We Are…

We are under attack from a federal government that has become paranoid about the people they serve. The problem is they have forgotten that they serve us, not the other way around. This is a government that is given its power by the people, the government does not grant us power. We are in control not them.

The reason people are getting in their face is we are getting a feeling that this government is about to do some really damaging things to the greatest nation in the world; unconstitutionally. That gets Americans worked up and active. There is no need for groups to organize a “resistance” because the resistance is coming from the soul of the American people. This administration and its cohorts can use their talking points to try to marginalize this movement but it will be fruitless because we the people are talking amongst ourselves.

We will not put up with a White House that is soliciting people to rat out organizers. We don’t need organizers but even if we did, that is our right. We are not sheep so unless a movement rings a chord with us the movement will fail. We are upset with the direction of these people and every day this federal government is plotting new ways to destroy the wealth and soul of this nation.

We will win in the end because no matter what side of the ticket people vote for they are united on one front which is; if our government doesn’t listen to the people we will change our government. The congress is about to go up for election next year and a simple call, e-mail, or visit to remind them of who they work for will go a long way.

We are Americans and we love a good fight. We have a history of victory and we have been known to make the right changes throughout history. This administration is gathering its soldiers; unions, socialists, thugs, and elitists to squelch your voice. They have forgotten who we are; Americans first… We will continue to speak out!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is Insurance for?

The reason we have insurance is to manage risk. Think about your auto or life insurance for example. The reason you have auto insurance is in case you get in a serious accident and you damage your car or injure yourself or others. The insurance does not cover oil changes, tune ups, new tires, or car washes. Those are the things we do to maintain our vehicles so they last longer and drive efficiently for the time we own them. The cost of a policy is reflective of the chance that we will actually use the insurance. The average cost of auto insurance is basically $700 - $2000 per year based on individual circumstances. Not likely you will use it unless you get in an accident or your car is stolen.

Life insurance is there in case you die. The policy is designed to protect your family in case you die and replace the income lost because of your death. The cost is based on how old you are how much income you want to insure for your family, and your health.

Insurance is to manage risk that something bad could happen and the policy is there to help you if something bad does happen. So why do we expect health insurance to pay for everything regarding our healthcare?

When did it become common practice for our doctor visits to be paid by insurance policies? Why is healthcare different from all other insurance policies? Why can’t health insurance simply be to manage risks to our health? Should it not be there in case we get an illness that requires extensive medical services? Cancer, heart attacks, critical accidents requiring surgery?

If we paid for our own maintenance like doctor visits, vaccinations, flu shots, dental cleaning, and simple consultations, would that reduce the cost of healthcare insurance? Of course it would but it will take a new approach and will need each and every one of us to get involved in our own health. We need to shop for and pay for our own health maintenance. It will also include the need for doctors to price their services accordingly. I will bet most doctors don’t even know what it costs to provide these services. They are so busy fighting with insurance companies and the government to get paid they could make more money just charging a direct fee to their patients.

Getting government into the business of your health is a death wish. It is the ultimate invasion of privacy and a total assault on our freedom to contract services with a doctor which is actually a constitutional right. The right to enter into contracts between two people is protected by our constitution. It was that important to our founders.

So I ask you to think about insurance; why are we using it to pay for simple maintenance services? Should healthcare insurance be the same as auto insurance? If it was this debate of rising costs would be less critical. Don’t give up your freedom for a policy that will push for death over health at the most critical times you need that policy. Just a thought…

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Federal Mafia

One of the most famous phrases associated with organized crime is “we are going to make an offer you can’t refuse” or something like that. That is what the Federal government has become under Obama. Don’t get me wrong, this has been happening under both parties in some degree for a long time. Rahm Emanuel is the epitome of a thug and he is trying to shove this dangerous and destructive agenda through whether we like it or not. He is threatening the detractors of this radical agenda (read here).

Dick Durbin spits in the face of people who are out at these town hall meetings by suggesting this passion and anger is staged and the minority view. I believe it is the majority view and growing. People know what it means to have the Federal thugs in charge of anything; failure and misery!

We are being attacked by our own government. There are 545 “representatives” including the Supreme Court and the President trying to shove a rejected philosophy down 300 million citizen’s throats. We have a compact and it is not with a mafia family, it is called the US constitution. We need to keep the pressure on and turn the volume up. The more they shove the more we shove back.

The odds are in our favor; 300,000,000 and a constitution against 545 and an unconstitutional approach to government. Who has the odds if we work together against this thuggery? If we all push just a little we are bound to get our country back. Let’s show these Chicago thugs who the real boss is…

Monday, August 3, 2009

It is time for the states to play the feds game!

The Federal government has been trampling the US Constitution aggressively since FDR. FDR used the economic crisis of the thirties to pass legislation that started this country on the slippery slope of policies that diluted individual freedom in favor of collective programs. Although “taking care” of people sounds good, no government program can replace individual ingenuity.
Government programs should always be designed for short term problems. All government programs should have “sunset” clauses so they end or have to be voted on and renewed based on true need so we avoid future dependency. Government is responsible for stealing the dreams of millions of Americans by substituting hand outs for hand ups.

If we expect to save the constitution for our posterity we must be willing to do what the feds have done at the state level; ignore the laws that the feds pass. Just like the feds have ignored the constitution we need to ignore the federal mandates and programs that undermine our ability to prosper.

The States and their citizens (individuals) must band together to take back our constitutional republic. The way we do that is to encourage the Governors to institute a constitutional discussion to agree on the laws and programs we will handle at the state level. I have to say I can only think of one major program that all states and citizens will agree needs our financial support and that is our military. Beyond that I think we will have a fight on our hands. But I think the “fight” will be a good way to highlight the waste, fraud, and abuse that is inherent in most federal programs. We need to assess every federal program and apply a constitutional test; is it constitutional and does it meet the general welfare clause? Taking money and property or giving favor to one group or another may meet a specific welfare clause but most federal programs today do not meet the criteria. They have become redistribution schemes which are unconstitutional.

The general welfare clause in our constitution was included to qualify the eighteen enumerated powers given to the federal government. The general welfare was meant to help determine if the benefit of a program met the criteria that it would help the entire nation; hence the “general welfare” of the United States. So when you look at the bailouts of private institutions, does bailing out General Motors benefit the entire nation or the union workers at GM? Allowing a business to go bankrupt although difficult is the best way to help businesses to get back on their feet. The founders and Supreme Court before the 1930’s would have found these bailouts unconstitutional. Why? Because bailing out private citizens or institutions is beyond the enumerated powers of the federal government and it doesn’t meet the general welfare clause.

It is time to ignore the feds and go back to the founding intent of the Constitution. We need to stop this insatiable assault on our freedom and our posterity’s future…