Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Constitutional Authority?

Congress is demanding documents from insurance companies that provide health insurance. The purpose of this request is to demonize the spending practices of these companies. I know a lot of people hate insurance companies but I have to ask you; what authority does congress have to investigate a private company without evidence of wrong doing? The federal government is out of control and out of their constitutional bounds.

Most insurance companies are regulated at the state level and have to pay for mandated services and yes, still make a profit. But why should these companies hand over any information to congress for the purpose of demonizing what the company chooses to do with their profits?

This congress is collecting this information to say that it is better to have the government provide insurance because they will not spend their money on high salaries, conferences, corporate training events, and maybe a company car or plane. But we know better; congress will bankrupt healthcare just like they have Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, the mortgage/finance business, and soon the car industry.

The CEO’s of these companies need to stand up and say no! They should say no we will not provide this information to a panel of corrupt congressman to demonize a legitimate American business. They should ask for the constitutional provision that gives them the authority to take their private records. I will bet that these particular congressmen have never read the constitution and more likely would care less what it says…

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