Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Real State of the Union

Is sad. It is sad to see so many Americans willing to allow such a small group of incompetent politicians ruin their country. I have had conversations with my children about the reasons that the holocaust was able to happen. I have had to explain a few times that it is easy to see if you open your eyes and mind to what is happening around you. In the dis-belief that anyone could allow such horrific things to happen to so many people I explain they are happening again. No not to the degree of concentration camps and gas chambers, but the foundation in preparation for government control of the society.

The most dangerous words a citizen can utter when discussing government, especially national government is “I can’t believe they would do that.” These are the same words the Jews in Germany were saying as their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, and neighbors were systematically being transferred to concentration camps. It is the evil of group think. There are millions of dead human beings at the hands of governments that preached the message of being in the best interest of the people they were annihilating. It’s not that people can’t believe it; it is that people don’t want to believe people can be so evil.

The continuous efforts of this administration to create dependence through programs trying to pass themselves off as benevolent, and at the same time attacking the right for citizens to own weapons should send shivers down the spines of every thinking American. The sheer numbers of people that own guns and the number of guns available to the American citizen is the only buffer to the inactivity of the Americans who just can’t believe the government would do such harm to the people.

We only have to go back to World War II to see the panic of group think and the treatment of Japanese Americans as criminals. Where were the people to defend their liberty as Americans? What if today the government decided to start gathering up the Tea Party leaders, Republicans, Liberals, Democrats? Which group would you be willing to defend from a government roundup?

The NSA spying on its own citizens is disturbing enough. It is unconstitutional and I can only hope will be challenged in the Supreme Court and be ended as a practice. But why would we allow the government to spy on us? To keep us safe? Safe from whom? Safe from what? Terrorism? Every American citizen must be monitored to catch terrorists? Isn’t this just the electronic version of rounding up people that the government is suspicious of? Are we not a government of the people, by the people, for the people anymore? Who do we have at the helm that believes they are above the people?

Every problem in this country can be tied to the out of control federal government and incompetent, crony bureaucracy. The same people that would round up “dissidents” in a heartbeat and pretend that the problem was the dissidents and not the government over reaching its authority. When we have a President that believes he can ignore the Constitution because he believes he knows what’s right for the country, the state of the union is sad but also in a very dangerous place...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Lesson for the Next Generation

Learning by example happens two ways. The first way is the benefit of watching someone who is extremely successful and learning what they do and emulating it. The second way is the benefit of watching someone or something fail miserably and you learn from the things that don’t work. I hope the next generation of Americans takes to heart the lessons that this president, his administration, and his policies have shown us and reject them for the traditions, policies, and leadership that have made us the greatest nation in the world.

Young people get a bad rap at times but I believe there are enough smart young people to drive the message for the reformation of this great nation. God knows that they have been given the time to analyze, contemplate, and organize. The high unemployment rate that has kept the young college and high school graduates out of the workforce has given them the opportunity to do something positive to help their future prospects. That opportunity is politics.

I have been writing and preaching that politics is the foundation of all happiness. Without a political system that respects the individual and limits central government control, everything else is elementary. Read my book “The Teenager’s Guide to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness…” if you want to learn more, but I simply propose to you as evidence North Korea. Today I urge every young person in this country to take ownership of their future by getting involved and learning from this disaster of a president and administration on how to move forward toward a brighter future.

The first step is to reacquaint yourself with the founding history of your country. The next step is to apply common sense and tame your emotions. Our country was the FIRST country to ever put the individual citizen in charge of the government. Throughout all of history there has never been a country ruled by its citizens. It is not a coincidence that we are also the most successful country in the world and wealthiest. That is simply because we trust the individual to make the right choices in their lives rather that handing that responsibility over to faceless bureaucrats in a faraway land.

This president has jeopardized your future by growing the faceless bureaucracy, increasing needless regulations, punishing work through higher taxation, ruining healthcare by taking even more control from doctors, hospitals, and patients, driving college costs higher by rewarding inefficiencies through increased caps on student loans, raising minimum wages that hurt entry level employees, pushing “green” energy by using tax dollars toward his crony capitalist friends, borrowing money from your future to pay for laziness today, and dividing the citizens through the preaching of envy to keep us from working toward solutions together.

Your future is grim if you don’t take a stand and get involved. If you don’t like what the results of this president has been for your present circumstances, the way to change it is learn what he has done and do the opposite. What you will find is that the opposite of what this president has done is what we were founded on and has made us great: The US Constitution!

It’s your future. Do something about it…  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Note to Wall Street: It’s Time to Leave…

I was born in New York City, grew up there, have family that still live there and I have always had a place in my heart for NYC. But it has become a cancer in this great republic. If this cancer is allowed to spread it could take much of the country with it. The way to cut this cancer out is to show the rest of the country that we as Americans no longer can accept the demonization of free markets, freedom, and capitalism. The message must be clear that if we hope to turn this country around we need to support and promote the greatest economic system in the world.

Wall Street is the heart of capitalism. It is where the world comes together to invest in the millions of ideas and organizations that drive global wealth. The fact that it is in the heart of one of the most hostile and socialist cities in the world give it the opportunity to start the reform back to common sense. The newest Mayor of NYC is a socialist that campaigned on destroying the wealth that built the great city of NY. He wants to punish success and take the money from the people that earned it and give it to people that did not.

The Governor of NY just declared there is no place in NY for conservative Americans. The environment in NY is more like the Soviet Union than the United States. It is time for all hard working, successful people and institutions to move that success to a place where it is appreciated. There are many states that would love to host these successful Americans, and if the Stock Exchanges that are currently hosted on Wall Street want to protect the future wealth of this country they should move on out. That’s right; it is time to find a new location.

I think that Wall Street firms and financial institutions should put out a RFP (Request for Proposals) on real estate that could house a new center of capitalism. The financial markets need to find a more hospitable place that does not punish their success or the success of the people that make the financial markets tick.

I am sure that Florida and Texas would respond to the RFP. I think North and South Carolina, Colorado and many other states would love to house and support the center of our capitalist system. Think of all the benefits for the state that is on the receiving end of a successful bid. Think of the boom for that state and its economy. Think of how wonderful it would be to see capitalism celebrated rather than demonized!

There has to be a group at the exchanges and financial institutions that have the guts to get the process rolling. There has to be someone that says enough is enough. Sean Hannity is the latest high profile entrepreneur to make the move out of NY. Rush Limbaugh has moved his operations to Florida, and Glen Beck has moved his operations to Texas. They have put their money where their mouth is and have stood on principle. They are only a couple of examples but by just the three of these conservative and successful individuals leaving NY they have taken millions of tax dollars with them. They have taken business taxes, property taxes, employee taxes, and all of the sales taxes that they generated while living in NY. Imagine if the financial center of capitalism did the same?

It is time to send a message to politicians and the people that when you target successful people they will leave. It is a lesson that must be learned and the example must be set for future politicians that free markets and capitalism are to be honored not demonized.

It is time to defend our country from the current assault that has become more brazen by people that don’t have a clue about what really makes this country tick…

Monday, January 20, 2014

America’s Economic Decline

92 Million Americans are not working. This has nothing to do with having a Black President. It is all about having a president that is incompetent. If this president really believes people don’t like him because he is black, he is mistaken. Americans were proud of the fact that we have moved to a place where the color of a person’s skin has become irrelevant. As Americans we celebrate Martin Luther King today as a testament to his dedication to equal rights not equal outcomes. I just wish the president felt as most of us do toward the American Dream.

This president has very few life skills beyond being a good political campaigner. I would even suggest that he is not really a great campaigner as much as he is the beneficiary of a protective media complex. His campaign mis-steps have been guarded or ignored by the media and if his campaign was given as much scrutiny as the latest Chris Christie “scandal”, he would have lost both campaigns. He would have lost to Hillary in the Democratic Primary, and his re-election campaign.

But I want to talk about the economy or the lack of one. If these statistics continue on this path much longer it will be unsustainable for the working Americans to pay all the bills of the non-working Americans. Some Americans have been taught to be lazy, but most Americans want to work. They have just been fooled to think that the government has a role in creating jobs. The only role government has is to stay out of the way of private business and industry. I guess you could call that a “role” but it is really best for all of us that government bureaucrats be put out of business.

It is amazing that under such suppression of the private sector American business still has the capacity to trudge on. It is a testament to the resilience of the free market capitalist system we have. Even through years of demonization and attempts to kill it off with regulation, the free market finds ways to create wealth for Americans. But it may become even too much for the free markets if this administration is allowed to continue its assaults on this economy.

We are in decline as every economic number suggests. The only exception is the stock market which is flush with money looking for a place to get a return on investment. Once the stock market sees what the 92 million people out of work see then all bets are off.

We will rebound if we do three simple things; elect conservatives in November, repeal Obamacare, and pass a federal budget that cuts funding to at least 30% of all of the bureaucrats in Washington DC. If we do that the decline will become a boom. Guaranteed!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Answer is Not Immigration

We have 40% of young Americans out of work. The numbers are even higher in the inner city minority communities. And still the Chamber of Commerce and big businesses lobby keep pushing to legalize 12 – 20 million low skilled workers. I don’t get it?

I understand the arguments for highly educated engineer graduates and specialty degrees that are hard to find in general, but even then I am not sympathetic to allowing businesses to undermine the American engineer simply because they must pay a higher wage. There is an inherent cost in being an American company, and part of that is utilizing the people that are citizens. You might argue that these businesses will pack up and move to another country and I say it is their choice, but there should be an even higher price to pay to get access into our consumer markets if that becomes the case. I am not a “protectionist” I am a pragmatist.

I want to focus today on the low skilled workers that have been flooding America through our southern border. A majority of them are Mexicans. Let me premise that I believe Mexicans can be very industrious workers but so can our inner city and teenage youth if given the chance.

I have not run the numbers but I suspect if businesses that need entry level, low skilled, agricultural workers spent more time recruiting and looking at ways to make their work more attractive, instead of sending money to lobbyists in Washington, we could solve 2 problems; low skilled, entry level unemployment and filling a need for workers to do those jobs.

The American system and the natural resources of this country are what make the opportunity to succeed so likely. The American spirit and work ethic, combined with these attributes makes it a powerful combination. If American companies, especially those pushing for this harmful immigration legislation would spend some time looking at the alternative of recruiting American youths they may find many willing soldiers for their cause.

I don’t believe that the youths of America are too far gone to take a chance on giving them an opportunity to work. The American business community is the most creative in the world and I think there is an answer to their need for workers and the youth unemployment rate and it is not letting people who came here illegally to receive amnesty.

The answer lies in America, Americans, and American ingenuity. The answer does not lie in this attempt to legalize illegals; it lies in our inner cities and the youth of America…

Monday, January 13, 2014

Federal Government: Mind Your Own Business! Founding Principles

The founding principles of our nation were designed around individual liberty and limited government intervention. In today’s language our founders were simply saying to the world and future politicians in America: Mind Your Own Business! The founders knew that a robust federal government was the biggest threat to the burgeoning nation. The founders had lived the disaster of centralized government that was intent on crushing individual liberty. They knew a government of the people, by the people, and for the people would not be easy but it would be worth it. They knew it was time for a different and new approach.

I am reading a great history book about the ratification arguments at the state conventions, and the arguments could be summed up as a healthy and passionate skepticism for the need of any central government, never mind a powerful intrusive federal government. I know what you’re thinking, “who the heck reads books like that!” but I do and I love it! I feel like I should have lived in that time period! The bottom line is we are looking at a complete reversal of the founding principles in today’s political environment.

Every time there is a national incident the call goes out “what is the government going to do about that? (place issue here)” It is a result of historical ignorance of the founding principles our government was built around. Except for making pot illegal, too many in the younger generation believe the government has a role in every issue without question. It is assumed that the government has a role in everything. It is not just the young; many in the “baby boomer” generation have accepted the intrusion of the federal government. Otherwise how did we get federal regulations that limit our toilet flushes and light bulbs we use in our lamps?

The one thing I have noticed as a result of the current Obama administration’s attempt to transform America from the individual to the state, is a renewed interest in our Constitution. There has been so much lawlessness in this administration that Americans instinctively feel something is not right. The economy is being smothered in regulation creating less opportunity, the federal government takeover of the greatest healthcare system in the world is quickly changing the system into a mess of regulation and chaos, and the thousands of environmental regulations limiting the production of energy that fuels our economy is stagnating job growth. The list of federal government intrusion is at a crescendo!

The founders knew this would be the result if they didn’t limit the federal government’s role in the US Constitution. The problem is they expected Americans to be as passionate about protecting their individual liberty as they were. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore although it may be growing. We should return to the founding principles and simply follow the chant of Federal Government “Mind Your Own Business!”

Or we could simply hold the government to the limits in the law of the land the US Constitution. Now that would be a novel idea!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Federal Government: Mind Your Own Business! Free Markets

When the President of the United States makes a claim that “unemployment benefits creates jobs”, it is absolute proof that the federal government must get out of our economic system. The POTUS has absolutely no experience in economic affairs but he is only the tip of the iceberg when you talk about politicians and bureaucrats in the federal government. The statement by the POTUS alone should be enough for most people to agree the federal government is not the right mechanism for growing an economy.

But for the left and the emotional citizen proof may be needed. Every economic “fix” could be termed as “imbecilic” (idea of somebody with low IQ: in a former classification system, somebody with an IQ between 25 and 50 and a mental age of between three and seven years). I use the term because it describes the economic intellect of most politicians and federal bureaucrats.

First, if the government could just create a vibrant economy by passing a law or implementing a government policy wouldn’t they have done it already? The opposite is actually true as we see the more the federal government gets involved in the economy the worse it gets. There are reams of studies supporting this assertion but I know the people that need to read it will not - so I will not waste any time arguing the facts. I offer this as a perfect example: If fixing the economy means people need jobs and higher wages, why not pass a law that everyone be employed and make the minimum wage for those jobs a $100.00 an hour? Why can’t the federal government just mandate jobs and wages? It is called the “laws of economics.”

Economics is very simple, and creating a vibrant economy is even easier. The answer is to allow individuals and businesses to operate without oppressive taxes and regulations. Boom!  Done! The economy will take off. All we need to do is close most of the Federal Government, layoff 75% of the federal bureaucrats, end welfare for capable Americans, tie Social Security directly to the people that contribute, and shut down Medicaid and allow private charities to handle healthcare for the poor, make the federal tax a flat 10% that every working person pays, limit terms for politicians, make congress part time and boom!

If you think that is too aggressive, we can simply start by freezing federal spending and stop the ability for the federal government to borrow or print money. Even that will send the economy roaring.

The laws of free market capitalism are extremely resilient as we have seen over the past 5 years with the way it brushes off the absolute assault that has taken place under the current federal regime. Any system other than capitalism would have collapsed under the pressure! Just imagine if the free markets were actually free like they were under President Regan? Even then there was too much federal intrusion but I would take the 80’s over the past 5 years in a heartbeat.

The economy is being smothered by the federal government. It is why the founders placed so many restrictions (in the US Constitution) on its role in the lives of Americans and their economic pursuits. I wish when it comes to economic policy the federal bureaucrats and “dogooders” would just mind their own business!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Federal Government: Mind Your Own Business! Income Inequality

The Obama administration is cleverly trying to change the subject from Obamacare to the growing income “inequality” gap. We need to stay focused on the destruction of our healthcare system but the issue of income inequality is one in which people instinctively have negative emotional reactions. These emotional reactions cling to the myth that CEO’s and the “rich” are somehow unfairly taking/making more than they deserve.

The first question I instinctively ask is this: is income supposed to be equal? Should a doctor and a garbage man make the same amount of money? Should a nurse and a janitor make the same amount of money? Should a professional athlete make so much money for playing a game? Income is determined by many factors. The first and most important is the market. What are people willing to pay for a service? Income is simply the economic principle of setting prices for labor. Like any product, pricing is set by how much it takes to produce, what people are willing to pay for the service, competition, and how the service/product is delivered in the market.

The price to deliver labor for a doctor is based on the investment that individual must make in their education and the loss of opportunity during the years spent investing in education. A doctor spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on education as well as remaining out of the labor force for eight additional years beyond most professions. The number of people willing to make this sacrifice is small which means less people compete for positions in the profession increasing the demand for their services.   A garbage man needs little education and almost anyone that can handle doing manual labor becomes available for that position. Since the skills needed are limited, the labor pool (competition) is greater, so the employer has a huge choice of candidates which means people compete heavily for the job keeping the salary down.

I often have the conversation with my wife who has been a nurse for over 25 years about why sports athlete/actors get paid so much more than a nurse or doctor. It doesn’t seem right based on the nature of the services provided but the laws of economics make it clear why the disparity in wages is justified. To sum up the reason in simple terms: The athlete/actor creates value to the team owner or movie producer worth millions of dollars. People go to watch sports or movies based on the players of the team or actors in a movie. To the employer of these people, the player and actor return millions of dollars in value so the employer can pay them more. Take into account the natural athletic ability or attractive acting skills of an actor and the people that can create that value for the employer are a limited pool.

The only way to make income equal is to force employers to pay everyone the same. The result of this mandate is counter to the laws of economics and destroys the value of work for everyone. Individuals have different skills and abilities. Jobs take different skills and educational ability. Some services/products are more valuable in the market than others. No matter what you think someone should be paid does not matter. What matters is what the market determines a wage can be.

If we continue to allow the government to attempt to make incomes more “equal” we will all be miserable and some positions and industries will simply disappear creating even more poverty. The incentive to compete for work through investments in education, developing new products, services, or companies is eliminated. Why would anyone spend the time and money if in the end we all make the same amount of money? We will all be equal in our misery, poverty, and inability to earn a “fair” wage…

Monday, January 6, 2014

Federal Government: Mind Your Own Business! The light bulb

The incandescent light bulb has been completely outlawed starting January 1, 2014. I am appalled that the federal government has spent a moment of time on the issue of regulating light bulbs. Do we really believe that the regulation of a light bulb is worthy of the time and effort of federal bureaucrats? Never mind that this is not a constitutionally mandated activity for the federal government.

The “do-gooders” have effectively used the federal government and an emotional plea to convince otherwise smart people that the incandescent light bulb is destroying the planet. Nothing could be further from the truth. The incandescent light bulb as a matter of environmental concern ranks about as far from the top as say the five gallon toilet flush. Until that is, the truth about the new light bulbs is revealed as a hazardous material. People that supported the effort to outlaw the light bulb are fools. Yes, that’s right, you’re a fool if you think this is an important issue and that the federal government has any role is this obvious fringe movement to “save the planet.” And to think the federal government would be capable of an alternative to an American staple is an even more discouraging tale of the citizen’s engagement in an issue beyond emotion. It shows how easily an entire country can be fooled by a simple appeal to our emotional senses.

What thinking Americans needs to understand is that the environmental movement is actually a movement to control the citizen and attack the capitalism that has made this country the greatest in the world. Environmentalism is communism in disguise. There is a difference between people that care about the environment and the organizations behind movements like banning the light bulb. These groups prey on the American spirit to protect our resources in a common sense manner. There is nothing common sense about Green Peace, Earth First, or a million other radical groups. Their goal is to end capitalism and choice.

Here is why the banning of the incandescent light bulb is not about the environment. Although the new light bulb lasts a bit longer, if the new light bulbs break you are told that a “hazmat” team is needed to clean up. Here is an outtake from an EPA briefing on the new light bulbs: “
"In switching from incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent light bulbs and CFLs our elected officials opened the door to a massive mercury pollution problem across the United States threatening landfills and drinking water supplies. Our elected officials have
been derelict in making this information available to the public and providing the necessary hazardous waste sites available for their recycling and disposal in every local community [9]. And there should have been a massive public education campaign to inform the public about these hazards. It is too late for the fluorescent and CFL bulbs that have already been tossed into dumpsters and landfills. We now can change this process through education and laws regarding the hazardous material disposal of these bulbs [10].


So what is the goal of environmental groups? You have to wonder? But the thing we should all agree on is that the light bulb should not be the concern of the federal government. Because if we look at the competence level of “do gooders” + federal bureaucrats = total incompetence and inefficiency.

We would be much better off as a country if the EPA was banned instead of a completely functional light bulb…   


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Federal Government: Mind Your Own Business!

I have decided to issue a series of articles in 2014 based on a single theme, “Mind Your Own Business”. I simply want others to treat me the way I treat them. I just want to be left alone to pursue my life. Too many people believe they know better and use the “hammer” of the federal government to force people to engage in specific behavior by using the power of the federal government. They believe that what they want is the best thing for all of us. I don’t believe a majority of the “do gooders” are evil in their intent. I believe they are utterly misguided in the beliefs.

I have been observing and listening to the political debate for most of my adult life. I am a keen observer of human behavior. I am especially astute in human behavior that impacts political policy and the economy. I am going to publish the observations in relation to the way many people of all political persuasions feel about a big intrusive government. I am going to attempt to argue in a practical manner the way the do gooders are actually making this country less free and less “good”.

In my observations it seems the younger generation is fed up with the feds. It is a perfect bridge for constitutional conservatives to bring them into the constitutional camp in a way that increases their ability to analyze all government programs with an eye toward freedom. Many of the old school democrats that love this country have not had the heart to let go of the party of their parents. The actions of the latest democratic administration and a majority of democrats in congress are far left radicals that are bent on limiting individual choice by regulating everyone and everything that moves. The federal government and democrats mostly, but also too many GOP politicians, continue to fail to mind their own business, and have failed to abide by our social compact the US Constitution. This behavior needs to be pointed out to convert these old school democrats to the constitutional conservative camp.

The American people are conservative by nature. They are also progressive. We simply want to be left alone and if policies are counter to the belief of the people they make an effort to change the policy. We are all at the point that we agree that the federal government is too big. The way to work together is to vote for the right candidates. Regardless of political affiliation, the voters must stop voting the party and vote the candidate. We need to end the democratic rule because they are the radicals destroying the fabric of this country. In the GOP, voters must vote in primaries and vote in candidates that promise to leave us alone!

The arguments I will make will take on the government at the federal level. Although I think all government should be as small as possible, I have the option of moving to and from States that have policies I don’t agree with. I can’t do that when the federal government passes regulations that impact all fifty states.

I think we the people have a responsibility to live by the laws of the land. The ultimate law of our land is the US Constitution. I believe if we want to change that document we should do it by using the process laid out within the document. If you were to sum up the intent of the US Constitution in terms familiar to people today it would be: Federal Government “Mind Your Own Business.” I can live my own life, Thank You!