Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Lesson for the Next Generation

Learning by example happens two ways. The first way is the benefit of watching someone who is extremely successful and learning what they do and emulating it. The second way is the benefit of watching someone or something fail miserably and you learn from the things that don’t work. I hope the next generation of Americans takes to heart the lessons that this president, his administration, and his policies have shown us and reject them for the traditions, policies, and leadership that have made us the greatest nation in the world.

Young people get a bad rap at times but I believe there are enough smart young people to drive the message for the reformation of this great nation. God knows that they have been given the time to analyze, contemplate, and organize. The high unemployment rate that has kept the young college and high school graduates out of the workforce has given them the opportunity to do something positive to help their future prospects. That opportunity is politics.

I have been writing and preaching that politics is the foundation of all happiness. Without a political system that respects the individual and limits central government control, everything else is elementary. Read my book “The Teenager’s Guide to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness…” if you want to learn more, but I simply propose to you as evidence North Korea. Today I urge every young person in this country to take ownership of their future by getting involved and learning from this disaster of a president and administration on how to move forward toward a brighter future.

The first step is to reacquaint yourself with the founding history of your country. The next step is to apply common sense and tame your emotions. Our country was the FIRST country to ever put the individual citizen in charge of the government. Throughout all of history there has never been a country ruled by its citizens. It is not a coincidence that we are also the most successful country in the world and wealthiest. That is simply because we trust the individual to make the right choices in their lives rather that handing that responsibility over to faceless bureaucrats in a faraway land.

This president has jeopardized your future by growing the faceless bureaucracy, increasing needless regulations, punishing work through higher taxation, ruining healthcare by taking even more control from doctors, hospitals, and patients, driving college costs higher by rewarding inefficiencies through increased caps on student loans, raising minimum wages that hurt entry level employees, pushing “green” energy by using tax dollars toward his crony capitalist friends, borrowing money from your future to pay for laziness today, and dividing the citizens through the preaching of envy to keep us from working toward solutions together.

Your future is grim if you don’t take a stand and get involved. If you don’t like what the results of this president has been for your present circumstances, the way to change it is learn what he has done and do the opposite. What you will find is that the opposite of what this president has done is what we were founded on and has made us great: The US Constitution!

It’s your future. Do something about it…  

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