Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Real State of the Union

Is sad. It is sad to see so many Americans willing to allow such a small group of incompetent politicians ruin their country. I have had conversations with my children about the reasons that the holocaust was able to happen. I have had to explain a few times that it is easy to see if you open your eyes and mind to what is happening around you. In the dis-belief that anyone could allow such horrific things to happen to so many people I explain they are happening again. No not to the degree of concentration camps and gas chambers, but the foundation in preparation for government control of the society.

The most dangerous words a citizen can utter when discussing government, especially national government is “I can’t believe they would do that.” These are the same words the Jews in Germany were saying as their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, and neighbors were systematically being transferred to concentration camps. It is the evil of group think. There are millions of dead human beings at the hands of governments that preached the message of being in the best interest of the people they were annihilating. It’s not that people can’t believe it; it is that people don’t want to believe people can be so evil.

The continuous efforts of this administration to create dependence through programs trying to pass themselves off as benevolent, and at the same time attacking the right for citizens to own weapons should send shivers down the spines of every thinking American. The sheer numbers of people that own guns and the number of guns available to the American citizen is the only buffer to the inactivity of the Americans who just can’t believe the government would do such harm to the people.

We only have to go back to World War II to see the panic of group think and the treatment of Japanese Americans as criminals. Where were the people to defend their liberty as Americans? What if today the government decided to start gathering up the Tea Party leaders, Republicans, Liberals, Democrats? Which group would you be willing to defend from a government roundup?

The NSA spying on its own citizens is disturbing enough. It is unconstitutional and I can only hope will be challenged in the Supreme Court and be ended as a practice. But why would we allow the government to spy on us? To keep us safe? Safe from whom? Safe from what? Terrorism? Every American citizen must be monitored to catch terrorists? Isn’t this just the electronic version of rounding up people that the government is suspicious of? Are we not a government of the people, by the people, for the people anymore? Who do we have at the helm that believes they are above the people?

Every problem in this country can be tied to the out of control federal government and incompetent, crony bureaucracy. The same people that would round up “dissidents” in a heartbeat and pretend that the problem was the dissidents and not the government over reaching its authority. When we have a President that believes he can ignore the Constitution because he believes he knows what’s right for the country, the state of the union is sad but also in a very dangerous place...

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