Monday, January 20, 2014

America’s Economic Decline

92 Million Americans are not working. This has nothing to do with having a Black President. It is all about having a president that is incompetent. If this president really believes people don’t like him because he is black, he is mistaken. Americans were proud of the fact that we have moved to a place where the color of a person’s skin has become irrelevant. As Americans we celebrate Martin Luther King today as a testament to his dedication to equal rights not equal outcomes. I just wish the president felt as most of us do toward the American Dream.

This president has very few life skills beyond being a good political campaigner. I would even suggest that he is not really a great campaigner as much as he is the beneficiary of a protective media complex. His campaign mis-steps have been guarded or ignored by the media and if his campaign was given as much scrutiny as the latest Chris Christie “scandal”, he would have lost both campaigns. He would have lost to Hillary in the Democratic Primary, and his re-election campaign.

But I want to talk about the economy or the lack of one. If these statistics continue on this path much longer it will be unsustainable for the working Americans to pay all the bills of the non-working Americans. Some Americans have been taught to be lazy, but most Americans want to work. They have just been fooled to think that the government has a role in creating jobs. The only role government has is to stay out of the way of private business and industry. I guess you could call that a “role” but it is really best for all of us that government bureaucrats be put out of business.

It is amazing that under such suppression of the private sector American business still has the capacity to trudge on. It is a testament to the resilience of the free market capitalist system we have. Even through years of demonization and attempts to kill it off with regulation, the free market finds ways to create wealth for Americans. But it may become even too much for the free markets if this administration is allowed to continue its assaults on this economy.

We are in decline as every economic number suggests. The only exception is the stock market which is flush with money looking for a place to get a return on investment. Once the stock market sees what the 92 million people out of work see then all bets are off.

We will rebound if we do three simple things; elect conservatives in November, repeal Obamacare, and pass a federal budget that cuts funding to at least 30% of all of the bureaucrats in Washington DC. If we do that the decline will become a boom. Guaranteed!

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