Thursday, January 2, 2014

Federal Government: Mind Your Own Business!

I have decided to issue a series of articles in 2014 based on a single theme, “Mind Your Own Business”. I simply want others to treat me the way I treat them. I just want to be left alone to pursue my life. Too many people believe they know better and use the “hammer” of the federal government to force people to engage in specific behavior by using the power of the federal government. They believe that what they want is the best thing for all of us. I don’t believe a majority of the “do gooders” are evil in their intent. I believe they are utterly misguided in the beliefs.

I have been observing and listening to the political debate for most of my adult life. I am a keen observer of human behavior. I am especially astute in human behavior that impacts political policy and the economy. I am going to publish the observations in relation to the way many people of all political persuasions feel about a big intrusive government. I am going to attempt to argue in a practical manner the way the do gooders are actually making this country less free and less “good”.

In my observations it seems the younger generation is fed up with the feds. It is a perfect bridge for constitutional conservatives to bring them into the constitutional camp in a way that increases their ability to analyze all government programs with an eye toward freedom. Many of the old school democrats that love this country have not had the heart to let go of the party of their parents. The actions of the latest democratic administration and a majority of democrats in congress are far left radicals that are bent on limiting individual choice by regulating everyone and everything that moves. The federal government and democrats mostly, but also too many GOP politicians, continue to fail to mind their own business, and have failed to abide by our social compact the US Constitution. This behavior needs to be pointed out to convert these old school democrats to the constitutional conservative camp.

The American people are conservative by nature. They are also progressive. We simply want to be left alone and if policies are counter to the belief of the people they make an effort to change the policy. We are all at the point that we agree that the federal government is too big. The way to work together is to vote for the right candidates. Regardless of political affiliation, the voters must stop voting the party and vote the candidate. We need to end the democratic rule because they are the radicals destroying the fabric of this country. In the GOP, voters must vote in primaries and vote in candidates that promise to leave us alone!

The arguments I will make will take on the government at the federal level. Although I think all government should be as small as possible, I have the option of moving to and from States that have policies I don’t agree with. I can’t do that when the federal government passes regulations that impact all fifty states.

I think we the people have a responsibility to live by the laws of the land. The ultimate law of our land is the US Constitution. I believe if we want to change that document we should do it by using the process laid out within the document. If you were to sum up the intent of the US Constitution in terms familiar to people today it would be: Federal Government “Mind Your Own Business.” I can live my own life, Thank You!  

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