Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Note to Wall Street: It’s Time to Leave…

I was born in New York City, grew up there, have family that still live there and I have always had a place in my heart for NYC. But it has become a cancer in this great republic. If this cancer is allowed to spread it could take much of the country with it. The way to cut this cancer out is to show the rest of the country that we as Americans no longer can accept the demonization of free markets, freedom, and capitalism. The message must be clear that if we hope to turn this country around we need to support and promote the greatest economic system in the world.

Wall Street is the heart of capitalism. It is where the world comes together to invest in the millions of ideas and organizations that drive global wealth. The fact that it is in the heart of one of the most hostile and socialist cities in the world give it the opportunity to start the reform back to common sense. The newest Mayor of NYC is a socialist that campaigned on destroying the wealth that built the great city of NY. He wants to punish success and take the money from the people that earned it and give it to people that did not.

The Governor of NY just declared there is no place in NY for conservative Americans. The environment in NY is more like the Soviet Union than the United States. It is time for all hard working, successful people and institutions to move that success to a place where it is appreciated. There are many states that would love to host these successful Americans, and if the Stock Exchanges that are currently hosted on Wall Street want to protect the future wealth of this country they should move on out. That’s right; it is time to find a new location.

I think that Wall Street firms and financial institutions should put out a RFP (Request for Proposals) on real estate that could house a new center of capitalism. The financial markets need to find a more hospitable place that does not punish their success or the success of the people that make the financial markets tick.

I am sure that Florida and Texas would respond to the RFP. I think North and South Carolina, Colorado and many other states would love to house and support the center of our capitalist system. Think of all the benefits for the state that is on the receiving end of a successful bid. Think of the boom for that state and its economy. Think of how wonderful it would be to see capitalism celebrated rather than demonized!

There has to be a group at the exchanges and financial institutions that have the guts to get the process rolling. There has to be someone that says enough is enough. Sean Hannity is the latest high profile entrepreneur to make the move out of NY. Rush Limbaugh has moved his operations to Florida, and Glen Beck has moved his operations to Texas. They have put their money where their mouth is and have stood on principle. They are only a couple of examples but by just the three of these conservative and successful individuals leaving NY they have taken millions of tax dollars with them. They have taken business taxes, property taxes, employee taxes, and all of the sales taxes that they generated while living in NY. Imagine if the financial center of capitalism did the same?

It is time to send a message to politicians and the people that when you target successful people they will leave. It is a lesson that must be learned and the example must be set for future politicians that free markets and capitalism are to be honored not demonized.

It is time to defend our country from the current assault that has become more brazen by people that don’t have a clue about what really makes this country tick…

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