Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Answer is Not Immigration

We have 40% of young Americans out of work. The numbers are even higher in the inner city minority communities. And still the Chamber of Commerce and big businesses lobby keep pushing to legalize 12 – 20 million low skilled workers. I don’t get it?

I understand the arguments for highly educated engineer graduates and specialty degrees that are hard to find in general, but even then I am not sympathetic to allowing businesses to undermine the American engineer simply because they must pay a higher wage. There is an inherent cost in being an American company, and part of that is utilizing the people that are citizens. You might argue that these businesses will pack up and move to another country and I say it is their choice, but there should be an even higher price to pay to get access into our consumer markets if that becomes the case. I am not a “protectionist” I am a pragmatist.

I want to focus today on the low skilled workers that have been flooding America through our southern border. A majority of them are Mexicans. Let me premise that I believe Mexicans can be very industrious workers but so can our inner city and teenage youth if given the chance.

I have not run the numbers but I suspect if businesses that need entry level, low skilled, agricultural workers spent more time recruiting and looking at ways to make their work more attractive, instead of sending money to lobbyists in Washington, we could solve 2 problems; low skilled, entry level unemployment and filling a need for workers to do those jobs.

The American system and the natural resources of this country are what make the opportunity to succeed so likely. The American spirit and work ethic, combined with these attributes makes it a powerful combination. If American companies, especially those pushing for this harmful immigration legislation would spend some time looking at the alternative of recruiting American youths they may find many willing soldiers for their cause.

I don’t believe that the youths of America are too far gone to take a chance on giving them an opportunity to work. The American business community is the most creative in the world and I think there is an answer to their need for workers and the youth unemployment rate and it is not letting people who came here illegally to receive amnesty.

The answer lies in America, Americans, and American ingenuity. The answer does not lie in this attempt to legalize illegals; it lies in our inner cities and the youth of America…

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