Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Answer is Simple

If you are one of the people that believe our future is being jeopardized by an out of control federal government the fix is simple and laid out clearly in the US Constitution. The fix is the Tenth Amendment. The text is short, clear, and concise:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

All acts, laws, and dictates of the federal government must be delegated to it in the constitution. Where is it delegated that the federal government should be a pension fund, medical fund, or arbiter of welfare money? Any attempt to justify 90% of what the federal government currently does is tortured logic. There are 18 specific powers. None of them include the power to take the wealth of some and give to others.

The founders were very conflicted in the creation of the United States. They knew that too much central power would turn to tyranny, and not enough central power would leave the states vulnerable to foreign interests and could undermine the ability of the states to thrive economically and independently. It is critical to note that the Constitution was intended to limit the central power of the government. Every argument about the ratification discussed the potential of the central government to infringe on the rights of the individual and states. That is why the Bill of Rights was added and especially the Tenth Amendment.

The founders even argued about the Bill of Rights. Many didn’t even believe it was needed because the Constitution was inherently a document limiting central power. It was assumed that the people would hold a central government in check. In the day, it was not uncommon for people to violently revolt against the tax collector or representative of any central authority. Limiting power was absolutely the intent. To think the central government was a means to happiness or prosperity would have been laughed at and rejected hands down. But fortunately for us today, many did not trust a central authority and would not ratify without the Bill of Rights. If not for these ten amendments we would not have the country we have today.

There has been a concerted effort not to teach the founding in context. If the education of our youth included the true intent of the US Constitution and the founders, we would be in much better shape today. The bright side is many people are starting to realize how right the founders were. There is a growing movement to utilize the Tenth Amendment and the process of nullification. Nullification is simply the states and people rejecting unconstitutional laws.

Rejecting unconstitutional laws utilizing the Tenth Amendment and nullification is the simple answer. Once this movement gains greater ground it will take hold. To learn more go to You will be glad you did…

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crisis of the American Family…

There comes a time when two entities that once loved each other, depended on each other, and respected each other have to face the reality that things have changed. Time can be cruel to relationships and 237 years, although young in comparison to others, seems to have taken the bloom off the rose.

At the beginning we shared a common bond, we made what we thought were lifetime commitments to each other, and we swore our allegiance to always respect the vow we signed. Maybe it’s a sign of the times where commitments no longer seem to be enough to maintain a relationship or maybe we have just found new interests that no longer align with each other. Either way it is time we do what is in the best interest of everyone involved and separate.

Our federal government was created by the states to help protect us from foreign enemies, make us stronger competitors on the world stage, and referee disputes among the states, but now it seems the federal government has become the enemy of the people. How did this happen?

The first thing we did wrong was to put too much trust in the federal government. When we encountered difficult situations we ran to the federal government. When the federal government took more than it was sanctioned to in the vow we took, we ignored it and enabled it to drift from us. Even though we knew how out of control the federal government became we kept telling ourselves that it will get better. The federal government would say it was sorry by showering us in “gifts” that we knew were taken under duress but we ignored that too.

So we find ourselves on the brink of disaster with a partner that has become an addict of our enabling and no longer can control its anger and abusive power over us. It is time to act in the interest of our nation by taking back the control we gave up over the years that no longer can be ignored. As it is with any addict we can’t expect the addict to cure itself. It needs an intervention. That intervention is the reapplication of the original vows our US Constitution.

To expect this monster we have created through neglect and enablement to reform is not realistic. We must use a tough love approach and although times will be tough as we navigate the DT’s, it will be worth it in the end. The children are counting on us to do the right thing is this relationship which is to break the bond and separate until the federal government once again respects our place in this relationship and stops the abuse it has inflicted on the American family.               


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We’re Not Stupid

There are ads running on every conservative news outlets on both radio and television. They are sponsored by a group called the conservative movement for immigration progress or some other such nonsense. They feature clips of Senator Rubio, Congressman Paul saying how our immigration policy is broken. These ads are funded by the left. They talk about how this new immigration bill is going to fix immigration but it has the same border provisions as the current law.

These ads will not work for one reason: conservatives are much smarter and have a healthy skepticism of government and the media than the left does. Conservatives don’t fall for the emotional arguments like the sappy left. You have to have facts to back up your case if you want to convince conservatives to support your position.

The argument comes down to one issue: the border. The border must be secured. Marco Rubio says what we have is not working but why is it not working? Because the federal government refuses to secure the border as the law requires. So why would a new law with the same border provision be enforced this time? Conservatives and every thinking American knows that the border will not be secured and the new law will be enforced the same way the current law is enforced; not! It will be another free for all stealing the jobs from our youth, low skilled Americans, and giving our hard earned tax dollars to people that have broken the laws of this land.

I guess the good news is that the left is throwing money away that could have been used on their more gullible constituents for the 2014 election. I have a message to the left: We are not stupid like the people you normally try to persuade with this garbage…

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wishful Thinking

Does anyone really believe the Federal Government in the capital city of Washington D.C. will ever reform itself? I have to hold back the laughter, anger, and frustration I feel toward the people elected to represent us at the federal level. Everything is upside down.

The country is being drained of all of its greatness at break-neck speed, and many of us feel powerless to stop it. Conservative Americans complain that the federal government has gotten too big, and liberal Americans complain that we spend too much on the military and “tax breaks for the rich” (whoever they are) but nothing will change if we wait for the same people that are benefitting from a big government to take any steps to reduce their influence.

Elections come and go at the federal level and nothing changes. In contrast, elections happen at the state and local level and a lot changes. State budgets are getting balanced (thanks to conservatives), businesses are growing, and energy is being harvested all in spite of an out of control central government intent on destroying everything good in its path. The state level changes happen because the people have more control of holding local politicians accountable. The further away government is from the people the smaller and more limited it needs to be.

The only solution to changing the federal government is to invoke the constitutional rights of the states. The states are the dominant power structure in the constitution. The federal government is given the authority it has by the states and the people. It is time to wean the federal government off of the power it has become addicted to at the state level by a collection of Governors around the country.

Similar to a drug addict, it is foolish to think the drug addict (federal government) should be given the keys to the pharmacy (printing press/borrowing authority) and expect the drug addiction to diminish. The only effective remedy is a full blown intervention of an outside source to ensure that the addict has a chance to succeed. Any other effort to limit the federal government’s destruction of our future is wishful thinking…