Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We’re Not Stupid

There are ads running on every conservative news outlets on both radio and television. They are sponsored by a group called the conservative movement for immigration progress or some other such nonsense. They feature clips of Senator Rubio, Congressman Paul saying how our immigration policy is broken. These ads are funded by the left. They talk about how this new immigration bill is going to fix immigration but it has the same border provisions as the current law.

These ads will not work for one reason: conservatives are much smarter and have a healthy skepticism of government and the media than the left does. Conservatives don’t fall for the emotional arguments like the sappy left. You have to have facts to back up your case if you want to convince conservatives to support your position.

The argument comes down to one issue: the border. The border must be secured. Marco Rubio says what we have is not working but why is it not working? Because the federal government refuses to secure the border as the law requires. So why would a new law with the same border provision be enforced this time? Conservatives and every thinking American knows that the border will not be secured and the new law will be enforced the same way the current law is enforced; not! It will be another free for all stealing the jobs from our youth, low skilled Americans, and giving our hard earned tax dollars to people that have broken the laws of this land.

I guess the good news is that the left is throwing money away that could have been used on their more gullible constituents for the 2014 election. I have a message to the left: We are not stupid like the people you normally try to persuade with this garbage…

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