Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crisis of the American Family…

There comes a time when two entities that once loved each other, depended on each other, and respected each other have to face the reality that things have changed. Time can be cruel to relationships and 237 years, although young in comparison to others, seems to have taken the bloom off the rose.

At the beginning we shared a common bond, we made what we thought were lifetime commitments to each other, and we swore our allegiance to always respect the vow we signed. Maybe it’s a sign of the times where commitments no longer seem to be enough to maintain a relationship or maybe we have just found new interests that no longer align with each other. Either way it is time we do what is in the best interest of everyone involved and separate.

Our federal government was created by the states to help protect us from foreign enemies, make us stronger competitors on the world stage, and referee disputes among the states, but now it seems the federal government has become the enemy of the people. How did this happen?

The first thing we did wrong was to put too much trust in the federal government. When we encountered difficult situations we ran to the federal government. When the federal government took more than it was sanctioned to in the vow we took, we ignored it and enabled it to drift from us. Even though we knew how out of control the federal government became we kept telling ourselves that it will get better. The federal government would say it was sorry by showering us in “gifts” that we knew were taken under duress but we ignored that too.

So we find ourselves on the brink of disaster with a partner that has become an addict of our enabling and no longer can control its anger and abusive power over us. It is time to act in the interest of our nation by taking back the control we gave up over the years that no longer can be ignored. As it is with any addict we can’t expect the addict to cure itself. It needs an intervention. That intervention is the reapplication of the original vows our US Constitution.

To expect this monster we have created through neglect and enablement to reform is not realistic. We must use a tough love approach and although times will be tough as we navigate the DT’s, it will be worth it in the end. The children are counting on us to do the right thing is this relationship which is to break the bond and separate until the federal government once again respects our place in this relationship and stops the abuse it has inflicted on the American family.               


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