Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wishful Thinking

Does anyone really believe the Federal Government in the capital city of Washington D.C. will ever reform itself? I have to hold back the laughter, anger, and frustration I feel toward the people elected to represent us at the federal level. Everything is upside down.

The country is being drained of all of its greatness at break-neck speed, and many of us feel powerless to stop it. Conservative Americans complain that the federal government has gotten too big, and liberal Americans complain that we spend too much on the military and “tax breaks for the rich” (whoever they are) but nothing will change if we wait for the same people that are benefitting from a big government to take any steps to reduce their influence.

Elections come and go at the federal level and nothing changes. In contrast, elections happen at the state and local level and a lot changes. State budgets are getting balanced (thanks to conservatives), businesses are growing, and energy is being harvested all in spite of an out of control central government intent on destroying everything good in its path. The state level changes happen because the people have more control of holding local politicians accountable. The further away government is from the people the smaller and more limited it needs to be.

The only solution to changing the federal government is to invoke the constitutional rights of the states. The states are the dominant power structure in the constitution. The federal government is given the authority it has by the states and the people. It is time to wean the federal government off of the power it has become addicted to at the state level by a collection of Governors around the country.

Similar to a drug addict, it is foolish to think the drug addict (federal government) should be given the keys to the pharmacy (printing press/borrowing authority) and expect the drug addiction to diminish. The only effective remedy is a full blown intervention of an outside source to ensure that the addict has a chance to succeed. Any other effort to limit the federal government’s destruction of our future is wishful thinking…

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