Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Leadership Void…

It is pure chaos out there and only one thing accounts for chaos; a lack of confidence in leadership. It starts with the president, continues on with congress, and is rounded out by big business executives.

It is the reason we are seeing protesters slaughtered in Iran. When the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on behalf of the president says they are hoping that the turmoil in Iran can be worked out peacefully and to respect the open discourse of the people meanwhile on camera women are being shot; you have to ask, is that leadership?

The House just passed a cap and trade bill that will increase the cost of everything as people are losing home value and jobs all based on a false premise of global warming; you have to ask is that leadership?

Business executives are belying up to bar for free handouts and carbon exemptions all for their bottom line even though consumers will no longer have the money to buy their products, you have to ask, is that leadership.

Our president rambles on just like the neighborhood blowhard that everyone ignores because they have figured out his words mean nothing and action is not part of the equation; you have to ask, is that leadership?

We are represented in congress and the White House by people that no longer care about America, they only care about themselves and this can only result in one thing; chaos. My only fear is that congress is a reflection of who we have become as a nation. I can’t bring myself to believe it but for now we live in a leadership vacuum…

God Please Bless America; again, with some leadership…

Monday, June 29, 2009

I hope you like your house!

The new “Cap and Trade” legislation that just passed the House must be stopped in the Senate because if not you will NOT be able to sell your house without the government’s permission! It is written directly into the “capitates and end trade” bill. In order to sell your house a government environmental bureaucrat must inspect your house to make sure it complies with environmental regulations. Until they sign off on the certificate you can’t sell!

So you say what is bad about having to have a house that is environmentally friendly? OK say your house uses oil heat but the regulators decide they want all houses to have a solar heating system? The cost for upgrading is $10,000 and you must upgrade before selling; does it matter now? There are so many opportunities for mischief here it is mind boggling.

Private property is under attack! This cap and trade will devastate the economy. Not only is this unconstitutional it is crazy. Who says politics doesn’t impact our lives? It shouldn’t be anyone that owns a home…

All of this environmental urgency based on lies of global warming. This administration and environmentalists are all just liars…

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The longest war; the “war” on poverty…

How’s that going for you? If you are one of the demographic groups that have been perpetually in poverty not so good. It was declared by President Johnson on January 8, 1964, over 44 years ago to address reducing the poor in this country. Drive through any inner city in America as well as some rural areas and the result is clear; failure.

We have had generation upon generation waiting on the hope that government will make the things in life available and fair. What has been created is misery, envy, and wasted opportunity in the poor of this nation. They government hasn’t made a dent in the poverty level but they have definitely spent enough money to do so. But what this war has proven and continues to prove is government does not end poverty, individuals do.

Government disguises itself in compassion but delivers heartless mediocrity at best, devastation of families and individuals at worst. So why do we keep asking government to do more? Are we asking the government to do more? Is it the people as a whole or is it a small group of power hungry people convincing people they need more government?

We must be insane because we keep asking for government to solve social ills and every time we do the result is failure. They steal the hopes and dreams of one group to steal the hopes and dreams of another. It is the biggest scheme ever developed. And we ask for more or are we?

Eighty seven percent of Americans are happy with the health insurance they have. Who is asking for the government to get involved in healthcare? Is it you?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Liberty or Tyranny?

I have included a few of the headlines in today’s news to point out the efficiency of government intrusion into our lives. The use of our tax dollars has become more and more unconstitutional every day and must be stopped. And these headlines are only a miniscule representation of what is happening to our country right in front of our eyes.

We are under assault by the current crop of politicians. It is no more apparent than the cap and trade “debate” that is currently making its way through the house. It is treason pure and simple. It is a policy based on scientific lies about the impact of carbon dioxide on our environment. The “carbon footprint” garbage that is being promoted is deceptive and is supporting a platform that is encouraging citizens to support policies that will destroy America’s competitiveness and economy. It is an assault on freedom and any politician that mumbles their support should be voted out of office.

We need to educate ourselves on the real impact of CO2. You will learn quickly how much of a lie this global warming, carbon foot print, cap and trade garbage truly is. It must be stopped the same way an enemy that landed on our shores with the intent to overthrow our government would be. These politicians are trying to overthrow our freedom with lies, lies, and more lies.

We must take back our government from this administration and we must educate everyone we talk to about the devastation being thrust upon us under the guise of the saving the environment with the intent to ruin this nation. We are all environmentalists but the environmental movement is an attempt to ruin this nation. They say they want renewable green and clean energy but every time a permit is pulled to stand up a wind farm it is protested by the same people talking green. They don’t want green energy supplies, they want to end energy consumption. They want to take us back to the stone ages and a “simpler" life. That is not freedom; that is tyranny. Learn about the issues and fight back…

Program Pays Girls $1 Day -- Not To Get Pregnant...
Massachusetts housing homeless in motels; Costs $2 million per month...
500 Lose Jobs with new Tax on Cigars; Tampa plant closes...
$100,000 tax money to breed Wyoming Toads...
$10 Million tax dollars to improve education in Cambodia...
PAPER: 'Living more hours naked each day' has 'positive effect' on global warming...
Harvard cuts 275 jobs, cites drop in endowment...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It’s a Failure to Educate; Stupid!

The entire healthcare debate revolves around the loosely defined number of uninsured individuals. The number being thrown around is 47 million. When those numbers are analyzed there are a number of facts that are conveniently ignored when this figure is discussed. A third, approximately 17 million are people in this country illegally. Over 40 percent could afford it but choose not to buy it because they are young and single. The real number of people that want but can’t afford health insurance is more like 14 million.

These individuals that can’t afford insurance fall into the category of high school dropouts, single mothers, and the under educated that can’t find work due to their educational background. The issue is not healthcare rather it is an education and immigration policy problem.

The education system has been controlled by the government and is an abject failure at educating our most vulnerable citizens. Our immigration policy no longer focuses on deciding entry into the US based on the needs for labor and desire to assimilate; rather it has become a jump over the fence and turn our back policy combined with a system based on politically correct country quotas. Immigration is run by who? Oh that’s right, government.

So for most Americans, 84% have adequate insurance and like their own healthcare options. The government that has run our education and immigration system wants to do to healthcare what they have done for the above two programs. How does that make sense?

If we unleashed the education system in this country to support parents and tie the funding directly to the child and most important; untie the federal strings that are attached, we could solve most issues we have today. Actually we should close the federal DOE and send the 90 BILLION dollars that run through the agency back to the states and parents to support local education efforts.

There are a lot of very creative and entrepreneurial education efforts going on right now. But we need to allow every parent the option to use one of these creative programs by getting government out of education. Education is the most fundamental principle to a successful life. Why do you think we have so many failing? Because it has the government tentacles all throughout the system. If we want to solve the issues of poverty, health, and create happiness; it’s taking back the education system; stupid!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama Healthcare

Do you really think that the president or congress will have the same healthcare choices as the rest of us simple citizens? If you do you need to get engaged in this fight for your life; literally.

There will be two systems; one for the wealthy/politically connected and one for the rest of us. If you think people that have money or influence will stand in line next to you, you are sadly mistaken. If you think a politician won’t use their influence to jump the line or more likely stand in a different, shorter line, you are mistaken. They will have access while you are rejected for procedures due to assessments done by the same bureaucrats that will be part of a totally different healthcare system.

The alternative healthcare will not be publicized or endorsed by the government but it will be ignored and covered up to protect the people that will have access to this alternative healthcare system. A wink and a nod as they go through a different door as you sit in an overcrowded waiting room with the rest of us riff raff.

The only hope we have is that people start paying attention to the healthcare issue and fight back. The other positive is that Federal employees will not want to give up the phenomenal choices they get because they work for the Feds. Their system and choices are some of the best in the country. They will fight this tooth and nail.

As I write this I am listening to the radio and Obama just said, “I support comprehensive immigration reform”. His tactic of changing the debate with every speech is starting to become evident to most people. As we fight healthcare, government takeover of private sector business, cap and trade, global warming, and on and on and on, he just piles on new issues to distract us from the current issues. He is using a tactic of “overwhelm and divide”. He over whelms the public with a constant barrage of “new” ideas in an effort to convince us to give up. Don’t give up!

Know his tactic and fight back by contacting your representatives, writing letters, and telling your friends about the danger of the policies this president is proposing. It is not too late. Actually it is just the beginning of the fight…

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pot Calling the Kettle…

President Obama in defense of starting yet another Federal Agency supposedly watching out for consumers in financial transactions has stated we must protect people from abuse and fraud. HMMM!

Maybe, just maybe he should focus on the government agencies that he is responsible for. When he has cleaned up the waste, fraud, abuse, and duplication in the government then he can set his eyes on the private sector. If he did that we may just get a break from his constant drum beat to destroy the remaining ability of the private sector to fund the government we already have.

He has no conscience as he continues his assault on American values and our Constitution…

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Words…

When our founders penned the Declaration of Independence they were ready to back up their words with actions. When our founders penned the US Constitution they were willing to back it up with action. When this president speaks what is he willing to do to back it up?

The dictator maniac of Iran just beat its young people down with brutal force for protesting an obviously fraudulent election. So what does this supposed friend of the young Iranian people do; leave them hanging with empty words. Everything this administration says is a joke in the world arena except for maybe their “Global Warming” agenda. If it takes any heavy lifting and a commitment of action that could include our military or sanctions; the words of this administration are just that, words. He told the young people of Iran in his recent speech in the Middle East that he was standing with them. Where is he? Off spewing more words.

This administration is clueless in the world arena and we are headed for chaos. When you speak words you must be ready to back them up with action. Americans know that but does our president?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama Demolishing the American Dream…

Flint Michigan is one of the poorest cities in America, and Obama wants to demolish what is left of the neighborhoods and homes in this once great city. The proposal in Flint and now being considered by the Obama administration is to destroy the abandoned homes in all of the cities that have them. No one wants abandoned homes in their neighborhood but what this represents is a total failure of the American education and welfare systems in America.

If you look at where these neighborhoods reside and who makes up the people that live there it is apparent that government and the education systems run by government have failed; miserably. Our poorest communities have been promised by the Obama’s of the world that their trust of government would be rewarded with a better life. What the government has actually done is criminal. The government has failed to educate these communities and has created a dependence on welfare that has stolen and now has “demolished” literally the American Dream for these people.

This is what we need to consider as we see Obama’s socialist government trying to run our financial institutions, car companies, and healthcare. Government is a complete failure and has stolen the dreams of generations of Americans that have been fooled into believing their empty promises. The government has a proven track record that is an undisputed failure. Will we learn from their record or will we be fooled into more promises of a better tomorrow?

Ask yourself; are you willing to allow this government to demolish our healthcare, finances, and car companies just like they have demolished the inner cities of America?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Private VS Public Healthcare…

President Obama stated today that forcing private insurance companies to compete with a government program will according to the President, “keep them honest”. It would be nice if the President was honest about what he is trying to do. He is either deceiving the American public or at best completely ignorant of “competing” with the government.

The private sector insurance companies can’t create a ponsy scheme like Medicaid and Medicare that has over 1 TRILLION dollars in unfunded liability. First of all the company would be prosecuted for deceptive business practices. Second, business doesn’t have an endless spicket of tax payer dollars flowing into a pot that can easily be accessed to pay for current costs in the Medicare and Medicaid systems while putting off the true cost of the program on the backs of our children.

He is lying or ignorant. It is a theme that is becoming apparent on every issue he is taking on. He said he is not trying to socialize healthcare. He is full of it. That is exactly what a “one” payer system will do. The only one payer system that will work in healthcare is the consumer as the one payer.

The government takeover of healthcare is evil in its intent. Thomas Paine and many of our founders understood that government was at best a necessary evil. Evil because government is an absolute threat to freedom, life, and prosperity. Obama is willing to risk the life, freedom, and prosperity of every American by taking the best healthcare system in the world and ruining it with government intervention.

Government intervention will guarantee the destruction of the best healthcare in the world by running the private sector competition right out of it. Get ready for long waits, reduced technology, less access to drugs, and a reduction in life expectancy in America. This is pure evil for the health of America…

What Happened to Energy Policy?

It wasn’t that long ago there was a movement to create an energy policy that was based on a comprehensive policy of domestic oil drilling, coal, nuclear, wind, and solar but what happened to the urgency? As usual politicians that have no business savvy or understanding of how the economy works have ignored it; again.

The result is another year wasted with no sound policy. And where is the price of oil heading, to $3.00 a gallon and up. Why? Because the control of supply is out of our hands and in the hands of enemy dictators and other countries to control.

When are we going to have the sense to hold these politicians accountable? Energy prices are about to sky rocket and we have a government taking over car companies; illegally I might add. The TARP money that was approved by congress has become a blank check for the Executive branch and that is unconstitutional. All spending must be approved by congress not as a blank check but with specific intentions attached to the money. If not the President becomes a benevolent dictator with the ability to spend like a drunken sailor on his best buddies. And what is he doing? Spending money like a drunken sailor on his political buddies.

If we were spending the last year building a refinery or two along with a couple of offshore oil platforms we would not be seeing this spike in oil prices. The Saudis and others would be scared to death that we would stop using their oil, and instead use our own supply and what would they have? Nothing. Take away oil production from the Middle East and what do they have to survive on? Nothing.

So as this administration acts like a child with ADD, the price of oil will rise to cripple our economy even further. The people will scream and the politicians will pretend to get angry and ultimately will use the crisis to take more freedom from us. It is really plain to see if you just take a moment to look…

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No More Personal Accountability…

The tragic murder of George Tiller a man who performed late term abortions in Kansas is bringing to light one of the most important issues in society today; personal accountability.

Left wing blogs and left wing activists are trying to paint the entire community of people that oppose abortions in the same light as the man who killed Tiller. Their argument is that the act of this one crazy deranged man was influenced by Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, talk radio, preachers, and anyone opposed to abortion that has spoken out against the act. They believe if it wasn’t for the opposition to abortion and the legitimate debate about what abortion is Tiller would be alive today. They argue that any open and free debate can influence people to do tragic things like murdering the people they disagree with. If we believe this to be true we must shut down all speech including theirs.

The problem with the left’s argument is they leave out the one person responsible for the act of murder; the murderer. The personal accountability we each have over our actions is the true issue here. Every day people make personal decisions to engage in behavior that is both good and bad. No one holds a gun to our head to behave in certain ways. People are influenced by TV, radio, Blogs, and personal conversations. If we hold to the left’s current argument we will need to hold everyone else responsible for influencing bad behavior except the person that is truly responsible. The only people the left ever hold accountable for anything are conservatives.

The left continues to argue even after years and years of contrary evidence that people aren’t responsible for their own lot in life. They believe minorities are poor because of racism, the alcoholic continues to drink because of conditions beyond the drinkers control, children behave aggressively because of a chemical imbalance, and rich people get rich because they were born into wealth. The list goes on and on. The denial of personal accountability in both good and bad circumstances is ignored.

People are poor because they never finished their education, people are drunks because they choose to drink, kids are aggressive because parents don’t do their jobs, the rich get rich because they take risks and work 15 hours a day seven days a week. They are the way they are because of the choices they make. There are some exceptions but for the majority of us in life it is personal decisions that get us where we end up in life.

That is the case with this murder of Tiller. The murderer was responsible for taking the life of Tiller. O’Reilly, Ingraham, talk radio, Blogs, religious leaders will continue to debate the issue of abortion and the impact it has on society. That is a debate that must continue and they have no accountability in the murder of Tiller. The murderer is the only one responsible for taking Tiller’s life…

Only a Fool Would Believe…

President Obama is about to speak on America’s behalf to the Muslim world and he is going to state that “we as Americans misunderstand the Muslim world and they don’t understand us”. I would suggest neither is true if you listen to the rhetoric and watch the behavior.

Only a fool would believe Iran is developing nuclear facilities for peaceful purposes. They have stated time and time again the goal of wiping Israel off the face of the map. And their next target America. Does not sound peaceful to me. Obama will be played for a fool if he falls for the deception of Iran’s leadership. That is dangerous for everyone.

Obama hopes to “warm the relations between Americans and Muslims abroad.” Not every Muslim is radical but the majority of the hate in this world is perpetuated in the name of Islam. We are not the problem in this world. The hatred spewing from the Middle East toward our way of life is the problem. Are we to “warm” to the beheadings of non believers? Are we to “warm” to the way Muslim woman are treated; like possessions? Are we to “warm” to Sharia Law in America?

Obama is pressuring the only true stable ally we have in the Middle East, Israel, to bargain away their security with the maniacs running the Palestinian territory. The Palestinian leaders don’t want peace; they want Israel’s land and the annihilation of its people.

Obama is a fool if he believes his words will matter. The radical Muslims will say what he wants to hear and do what they need to do to destroy western culture right under his nose. He should know this better than anyone. He is a master at telling the people what they want to hear while pursuing policy that is completely opposite of his rhetoric.

He doesn’t want to run GM but he is running GM. He doesn’t want to run banks and decide executive pay but he’s running banks while limiting executive pay. He is doing exactly what the radical Muslim leaders are going to do to him.

Only a fool would think there is any chance for peace with a people that has a leadership that hates us to the core. Watch what these people do, not what they say. Don’t be a fool…

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cars Americans Don’t Want?

There is this false premise going around, much like the “Global Warming” hoax, that GM, Ford, and Chrysler were making cars that Americans didn’t want. Mostly the innuendo revolves around large SUV type vehicles. Nothing could be further from truth or reality.

What Americans really want is a consistent and affordable price for gasoline. This can only happen with a comprehensive energy policy which is not in the cards with this administration. They are so beholden to environmental crazies that to do what must be done, increase domestic drilling, increase domestic nuclear, increase domestic coal, and yes, increase renewable like wind and solar power, we will never get what Americans truly want.

It is not the cars it is the price of fuel. Just look around this weekend and take notice of the people driving pickup trucks pulling campers, boats, and off road ATV’s and motorcycles, SUV’s towing, campers, , boats, and off road ATV’s, and large vehicles full of Americans living free and enjoying life. When gas is at $3 or less Americans CHOOSE to drive larger vehicles that fit their life style. When gas starts inching toward $4 and $5 a gallon Americans consider smaller cars as an alternative.

Americans want small cars for two main reasons; gas prices and as a commuting car. Some buy them to feel good but that is a minority. Americans choose their vehicles to fit the life they live, and they choose BIG. The fear is that with our tax dollars our president will steal our freedom to choose a car we want by building one he thinks we need.

Is that freedom? Is that America? It will be…

They Fawn as we Fail…

The press is acting as if we are living in a banana republic and we have a benevolent dictator as our leader. Unfortunately that sentence seems to be gaining some credibility mostly because we have a press and an electorate that is paying too little attention to what is really happening to this great nation.

While the press is covering “date night”, North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela are all moving forward with nukes that threaten our allies and our existence but please tell me about Michelle’s black cocktail dress and the eco friendly Leer Jet.

The government is trampling the US Constitution by taking over private institutions with our tax dollars but please tell me more about the “eco friendly” restaurant (whatever that means) and the wine and martini’s they were drinking.

As the president jet sets around the country millions of people are watching their budgets because they have either lost a job or are about to lose it. I don’t care if he wants to take his wife out but he is no different from any other citizen and I would appreciate a little respect of the money he spends in these difficult economic times.

As the president waves to adoring crowds we have a Supreme Court nominee that has the most racist view of America and she is being hailed by the press for her “inspiring” story. Inspiring? Maybe if you are not on her target list of people that need to be discounted because they are white and male.

As the president stops traffic on the West Side highway in NY inconveniencing an entire city on a Saturday night, other businesses were losing customers due to the arrogance of this man and his need for adulation from crowds. Shame on New Yorker’s for acting like they were teenage girls at a Hollywood opening.

By all means let’s just not have the real debate on policy, spending, debt, and constitutional law breaking. Let’s just watch this adolescent we have in the White House ruin our country right under our noses. Shame on the press and shame on us…