Monday, June 1, 2009

Cars Americans Don’t Want?

There is this false premise going around, much like the “Global Warming” hoax, that GM, Ford, and Chrysler were making cars that Americans didn’t want. Mostly the innuendo revolves around large SUV type vehicles. Nothing could be further from truth or reality.

What Americans really want is a consistent and affordable price for gasoline. This can only happen with a comprehensive energy policy which is not in the cards with this administration. They are so beholden to environmental crazies that to do what must be done, increase domestic drilling, increase domestic nuclear, increase domestic coal, and yes, increase renewable like wind and solar power, we will never get what Americans truly want.

It is not the cars it is the price of fuel. Just look around this weekend and take notice of the people driving pickup trucks pulling campers, boats, and off road ATV’s and motorcycles, SUV’s towing, campers, , boats, and off road ATV’s, and large vehicles full of Americans living free and enjoying life. When gas is at $3 or less Americans CHOOSE to drive larger vehicles that fit their life style. When gas starts inching toward $4 and $5 a gallon Americans consider smaller cars as an alternative.

Americans want small cars for two main reasons; gas prices and as a commuting car. Some buy them to feel good but that is a minority. Americans choose their vehicles to fit the life they live, and they choose BIG. The fear is that with our tax dollars our president will steal our freedom to choose a car we want by building one he thinks we need.

Is that freedom? Is that America? It will be…

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