Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama Demolishing the American Dream…

Flint Michigan is one of the poorest cities in America, and Obama wants to demolish what is left of the neighborhoods and homes in this once great city. The proposal in Flint and now being considered by the Obama administration is to destroy the abandoned homes in all of the cities that have them. No one wants abandoned homes in their neighborhood but what this represents is a total failure of the American education and welfare systems in America.

If you look at where these neighborhoods reside and who makes up the people that live there it is apparent that government and the education systems run by government have failed; miserably. Our poorest communities have been promised by the Obama’s of the world that their trust of government would be rewarded with a better life. What the government has actually done is criminal. The government has failed to educate these communities and has created a dependence on welfare that has stolen and now has “demolished” literally the American Dream for these people.

This is what we need to consider as we see Obama’s socialist government trying to run our financial institutions, car companies, and healthcare. Government is a complete failure and has stolen the dreams of generations of Americans that have been fooled into believing their empty promises. The government has a proven track record that is an undisputed failure. Will we learn from their record or will we be fooled into more promises of a better tomorrow?

Ask yourself; are you willing to allow this government to demolish our healthcare, finances, and car companies just like they have demolished the inner cities of America?

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Here's the problem with liberals: They tell poor people they can get their "fair share" without doing anything to earn it. In effect liberals tell the poor - "the only thing you need to do to get your "fair share" for me". It's such a shame...