Thursday, June 25, 2009

The longest war; the “war” on poverty…

How’s that going for you? If you are one of the demographic groups that have been perpetually in poverty not so good. It was declared by President Johnson on January 8, 1964, over 44 years ago to address reducing the poor in this country. Drive through any inner city in America as well as some rural areas and the result is clear; failure.

We have had generation upon generation waiting on the hope that government will make the things in life available and fair. What has been created is misery, envy, and wasted opportunity in the poor of this nation. They government hasn’t made a dent in the poverty level but they have definitely spent enough money to do so. But what this war has proven and continues to prove is government does not end poverty, individuals do.

Government disguises itself in compassion but delivers heartless mediocrity at best, devastation of families and individuals at worst. So why do we keep asking government to do more? Are we asking the government to do more? Is it the people as a whole or is it a small group of power hungry people convincing people they need more government?

We must be insane because we keep asking for government to solve social ills and every time we do the result is failure. They steal the hopes and dreams of one group to steal the hopes and dreams of another. It is the biggest scheme ever developed. And we ask for more or are we?

Eighty seven percent of Americans are happy with the health insurance they have. Who is asking for the government to get involved in healthcare? Is it you?

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Sheri said...

Someone better alert the media (and the administration) to the 87 percent number, they obviously missed that memo!