Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Only a Fool Would Believe…

President Obama is about to speak on America’s behalf to the Muslim world and he is going to state that “we as Americans misunderstand the Muslim world and they don’t understand us”. I would suggest neither is true if you listen to the rhetoric and watch the behavior.

Only a fool would believe Iran is developing nuclear facilities for peaceful purposes. They have stated time and time again the goal of wiping Israel off the face of the map. And their next target America. Does not sound peaceful to me. Obama will be played for a fool if he falls for the deception of Iran’s leadership. That is dangerous for everyone.

Obama hopes to “warm the relations between Americans and Muslims abroad.” Not every Muslim is radical but the majority of the hate in this world is perpetuated in the name of Islam. We are not the problem in this world. The hatred spewing from the Middle East toward our way of life is the problem. Are we to “warm” to the beheadings of non believers? Are we to “warm” to the way Muslim woman are treated; like possessions? Are we to “warm” to Sharia Law in America?

Obama is pressuring the only true stable ally we have in the Middle East, Israel, to bargain away their security with the maniacs running the Palestinian territory. The Palestinian leaders don’t want peace; they want Israel’s land and the annihilation of its people.

Obama is a fool if he believes his words will matter. The radical Muslims will say what he wants to hear and do what they need to do to destroy western culture right under his nose. He should know this better than anyone. He is a master at telling the people what they want to hear while pursuing policy that is completely opposite of his rhetoric.

He doesn’t want to run GM but he is running GM. He doesn’t want to run banks and decide executive pay but he’s running banks while limiting executive pay. He is doing exactly what the radical Muslim leaders are going to do to him.

Only a fool would think there is any chance for peace with a people that has a leadership that hates us to the core. Watch what these people do, not what they say. Don’t be a fool…

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