Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Leadership Void…

It is pure chaos out there and only one thing accounts for chaos; a lack of confidence in leadership. It starts with the president, continues on with congress, and is rounded out by big business executives.

It is the reason we are seeing protesters slaughtered in Iran. When the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on behalf of the president says they are hoping that the turmoil in Iran can be worked out peacefully and to respect the open discourse of the people meanwhile on camera women are being shot; you have to ask, is that leadership?

The House just passed a cap and trade bill that will increase the cost of everything as people are losing home value and jobs all based on a false premise of global warming; you have to ask is that leadership?

Business executives are belying up to bar for free handouts and carbon exemptions all for their bottom line even though consumers will no longer have the money to buy their products, you have to ask, is that leadership.

Our president rambles on just like the neighborhood blowhard that everyone ignores because they have figured out his words mean nothing and action is not part of the equation; you have to ask, is that leadership?

We are represented in congress and the White House by people that no longer care about America, they only care about themselves and this can only result in one thing; chaos. My only fear is that congress is a reflection of who we have become as a nation. I can’t bring myself to believe it but for now we live in a leadership vacuum…

God Please Bless America; again, with some leadership…

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