Monday, June 29, 2009

I hope you like your house!

The new “Cap and Trade” legislation that just passed the House must be stopped in the Senate because if not you will NOT be able to sell your house without the government’s permission! It is written directly into the “capitates and end trade” bill. In order to sell your house a government environmental bureaucrat must inspect your house to make sure it complies with environmental regulations. Until they sign off on the certificate you can’t sell!

So you say what is bad about having to have a house that is environmentally friendly? OK say your house uses oil heat but the regulators decide they want all houses to have a solar heating system? The cost for upgrading is $10,000 and you must upgrade before selling; does it matter now? There are so many opportunities for mischief here it is mind boggling.

Private property is under attack! This cap and trade will devastate the economy. Not only is this unconstitutional it is crazy. Who says politics doesn’t impact our lives? It shouldn’t be anyone that owns a home…

All of this environmental urgency based on lies of global warming. This administration and environmentalists are all just liars…

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