Thursday, June 11, 2009

Private VS Public Healthcare…

President Obama stated today that forcing private insurance companies to compete with a government program will according to the President, “keep them honest”. It would be nice if the President was honest about what he is trying to do. He is either deceiving the American public or at best completely ignorant of “competing” with the government.

The private sector insurance companies can’t create a ponsy scheme like Medicaid and Medicare that has over 1 TRILLION dollars in unfunded liability. First of all the company would be prosecuted for deceptive business practices. Second, business doesn’t have an endless spicket of tax payer dollars flowing into a pot that can easily be accessed to pay for current costs in the Medicare and Medicaid systems while putting off the true cost of the program on the backs of our children.

He is lying or ignorant. It is a theme that is becoming apparent on every issue he is taking on. He said he is not trying to socialize healthcare. He is full of it. That is exactly what a “one” payer system will do. The only one payer system that will work in healthcare is the consumer as the one payer.

The government takeover of healthcare is evil in its intent. Thomas Paine and many of our founders understood that government was at best a necessary evil. Evil because government is an absolute threat to freedom, life, and prosperity. Obama is willing to risk the life, freedom, and prosperity of every American by taking the best healthcare system in the world and ruining it with government intervention.

Government intervention will guarantee the destruction of the best healthcare in the world by running the private sector competition right out of it. Get ready for long waits, reduced technology, less access to drugs, and a reduction in life expectancy in America. This is pure evil for the health of America…

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