Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Words…

When our founders penned the Declaration of Independence they were ready to back up their words with actions. When our founders penned the US Constitution they were willing to back it up with action. When this president speaks what is he willing to do to back it up?

The dictator maniac of Iran just beat its young people down with brutal force for protesting an obviously fraudulent election. So what does this supposed friend of the young Iranian people do; leave them hanging with empty words. Everything this administration says is a joke in the world arena except for maybe their “Global Warming” agenda. If it takes any heavy lifting and a commitment of action that could include our military or sanctions; the words of this administration are just that, words. He told the young people of Iran in his recent speech in the Middle East that he was standing with them. Where is he? Off spewing more words.

This administration is clueless in the world arena and we are headed for chaos. When you speak words you must be ready to back them up with action. Americans know that but does our president?

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