Monday, May 30, 2011

Always Remember..

Take a moment today to remember our military and their families that have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the greatest nation ever designed by human beings... 
We are again being tested and we will once again prevail with God's will... This is a nation blessed with  divine providence.

God Bless America and our Military

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Facts Are Clear…

Big government breeds big failure.

Fact; education scores are lowest where government has the most control and parents expect government to teach their children

Fact; the economy will never recover because the reality is we are bankrupt. If the government was a private company they would be forced to close by, well, government regulators.

Fact; the federal workforce is made up of mostly people paid to enforce the regulations of well, the federal bureaucracy.

Fact; government programs have grown based on arbitrary numbers determined by well, the people running the government programs.

Fact; the majority of American school children don’t know we are a republic, are governed by a constitution or the three branches of government. In Detroit a majority can’t even read.

Fact; most politicians in congress have never held a real job. They are mostly lawyers, and bad ones at that.

Fact; One of the agreed upon duties of the federal government is border security. One of the biggest failures of the federal government, border security.

Fact; government control of airline safety is a jobs program and has nothing to do with airline safety.

Fact; healthcare is the final frontier of free markets and freedom. Free markets and freedom are losing.

Fact; the people that lead the left are enemies of our constitution. They are a minority but have a powerful accomplice, the mainstream news media.

Fact; the environment is being used to destroy capitalism. Capitalism is the fuel of freedom and compassion. Capitalism is losing.

Fact; you could fill a book as big as War and Peace with government failure and it still wouldn’t be enough to convince people that limited government is the answer. See fact 1 and 5…

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why Republicans and Conservatives are Shrugging…

The answer to why conservatives are shrugging off most of the candidates has a few components. One is it is very early in the process. Two, there is a distrust of the “establishment” candidates of which most fall into that category. Three, we want a Reagan!

Our expectations and hopes are bound in the idea that there has got to be a Reagan out there in our Nation’s time of need. This election is critical in most conservative American’s minds and we are going to be very selective. We will stand on principle which was shown to be effective in the last election when Tea Party activists said enough is enough with politicians as usual.

Each candidate has issues:

Romney: He needs to admit that government healthcare is a disaster no matter how you slice it. I am a 10th Amendment advocate which is his argument. But the fact that he has shown a propensity to make a bad judgment at the state level regarding government run healthcare is a major concern. Otherwise he is a great candidate.

Gingrich: Great on policy, history, and a proven track record to balance a budget. He has been so maligned over the years that we have a fear he will be easy to defeat in the minds of the passive voters. And we are going to need some of those votes.

Pawlenty: We don’t know enough about him so we remain skeptical. He is not arousing any Reagan like qualities I can find, yet.

Paul: He can easily be categorized as a kook although he has some sound ideas about the Fed. His son has a lot more future potential. Plus he is 70 years old.

Palin: High disapprovals going in due to the beating she has taken for being a conservative woman. She can also get irritating in tone to the point of sounding whinny.

Bachman: I like her but not well known in the general public. I would love to see a woman candidate and she would fit my ticket. Can be a bit abrasive but that is one of the things I find compelling about her.

Daniels: Bush crony. Doesn’t have the look (see past post). Not ready for debate with Obama on foreign policy??? And social issues must be pushed off the table?? Closet conservative??

Herman Cain: I want to see more of him and I wish the radio pundits would stop dismissing him. He has the greatest chance of sparking a fire in conservative hearts. He will be able to go right at Obama and how great would it be to contrast a black conservative and liberal? Talk about burying the race card.

Trump: He is a fighter but not a conservative. In it for the ratings and personal benefit. Not serious after his outburst of unnecessary language at his Las Vegas speech.

Rick Santorum: He is good on issues but I think he is seen as an insider. Lost his senate election bid which is a big negative. I find him even more polished (plastic) than Mitt. Mitt has actually loosened up a bit compared to Santorum

John Bolton: Love his positions. Mustache…

Mike Huckabee: Too liberal on social issues. The preacher background is his strength and weakness. Will not run. Making too much money at Fox.

Jon Huntsman: Who? China Ambassador in the Obama administration. As a conservative I say; enough said.

This is why we are shrugging. We will naturally become more energized as the field narrows and we have less peripheral chatter. My hope is Herman Cain or Michelle Bachman can make it to the top tier. That would energize me.

What would energize you?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oblivious to Job Creation…

President Obama at a town hall meeting yesterday said it is time for American companies that are making money to start hiring workers. He is obviously ignorant to why employers hire workers. This is not a government job where you randomly hire people because you received a few extra bucks in your budget line item. Jobs are only created when the value of hiring an employee exceeds the cost of the employee hired.

In the real world, private companies only hire as a last resort or when they are confident that the growth of the company is dependent on a particular skill set not currently within the organization. And even then it may make better sense to source the work necessary until full realization of the revenue is delivered.

Obama and many politicians are basically academians and lawyers by “trade”. The lawyers are often not the ones that have created a successful law firm but rather lawyers that have spent their time sucking value from the economy (that’s unfair but felt good. There are many of them in the public sector). So their view on jobs is unrealistic. They demonize companies for making profits by saying now that you’re making money you need to hire workers. A totally ignorant statement.

We are in the economic mess today because we have too many people in government and congress that have this same “understanding” of business economics. It is not a difficult subject to learn but it makes a greater impact on your learning if you have had to run a business. That is why we should require of our politicians at least 5 years of experience in the private sector excluding law experience.

We are in deep trouble with an administration that has little to no understanding of what makes the economy and private business tick. Until we get rid of this president and all of these politicians in 2012 we are going to hear a lot more of this garbage from the president about how the private companies are not doing their part to help the American people. It is not the role of private business to hire people for political reasons. There has to be a solid business case. And that’s something this president knows nothing about…

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If Looks Could Kill a Campaign…

The reality is for too many people choose their president as if he is a celebrity. I say he because to date we have had only males. I would love to see that change with a Michelle Bachman but that’s a thought for another post.

There has been a lot of buzz around Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana but I can tell you he has the look that kills a campaign. I know it should be about ideas but the reality is that people in the middle that he seems to be so worried about offending with conservatism will vote for Obama over him on looks alone. The only way to persuade people of the conservative argument is to sell it proudly and to look good doing it.

President Obama is vulnerable on so many fronts but looks is not one of them. Obama is a big government spending machine and freedom crushing liberal who is aloof on most important issues to Americans like the price of gas and jobs but Daniels is not the guy that will beat him.

Ron Paul can’t win, Gingrich can’t win, and they have great policy ideas. But they suffer from the same un-likability factor Daniels has. It may seem petty to those of us that follow and debate politics on ideas but we have to face reality. Just look at the last few presidents and tell me which one of them didn’t take a great profile picture?

I struggle with the idea that Americans are that fickle on such an important issue. When you think about presidential politics what should come to mind is “Jay Walking”. You know the segment on the Jay Leno Late Night show where he asks the person on the street to name the speaker of the house, Vice President, or what the capital of California is? That is the presidential election in a nutshell. The only comforting news is they often forget to show up on Election Day.

So before Mitch Daniels gets in he should ask himself whether or not he has the look…