Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why Republicans and Conservatives are Shrugging…

The answer to why conservatives are shrugging off most of the candidates has a few components. One is it is very early in the process. Two, there is a distrust of the “establishment” candidates of which most fall into that category. Three, we want a Reagan!

Our expectations and hopes are bound in the idea that there has got to be a Reagan out there in our Nation’s time of need. This election is critical in most conservative American’s minds and we are going to be very selective. We will stand on principle which was shown to be effective in the last election when Tea Party activists said enough is enough with politicians as usual.

Each candidate has issues:

Romney: He needs to admit that government healthcare is a disaster no matter how you slice it. I am a 10th Amendment advocate which is his argument. But the fact that he has shown a propensity to make a bad judgment at the state level regarding government run healthcare is a major concern. Otherwise he is a great candidate.

Gingrich: Great on policy, history, and a proven track record to balance a budget. He has been so maligned over the years that we have a fear he will be easy to defeat in the minds of the passive voters. And we are going to need some of those votes.

Pawlenty: We don’t know enough about him so we remain skeptical. He is not arousing any Reagan like qualities I can find, yet.

Paul: He can easily be categorized as a kook although he has some sound ideas about the Fed. His son has a lot more future potential. Plus he is 70 years old.

Palin: High disapprovals going in due to the beating she has taken for being a conservative woman. She can also get irritating in tone to the point of sounding whinny.

Bachman: I like her but not well known in the general public. I would love to see a woman candidate and she would fit my ticket. Can be a bit abrasive but that is one of the things I find compelling about her.

Daniels: Bush crony. Doesn’t have the look (see past post). Not ready for debate with Obama on foreign policy??? And social issues must be pushed off the table?? Closet conservative??

Herman Cain: I want to see more of him and I wish the radio pundits would stop dismissing him. He has the greatest chance of sparking a fire in conservative hearts. He will be able to go right at Obama and how great would it be to contrast a black conservative and liberal? Talk about burying the race card.

Trump: He is a fighter but not a conservative. In it for the ratings and personal benefit. Not serious after his outburst of unnecessary language at his Las Vegas speech.

Rick Santorum: He is good on issues but I think he is seen as an insider. Lost his senate election bid which is a big negative. I find him even more polished (plastic) than Mitt. Mitt has actually loosened up a bit compared to Santorum

John Bolton: Love his positions. Mustache…

Mike Huckabee: Too liberal on social issues. The preacher background is his strength and weakness. Will not run. Making too much money at Fox.

Jon Huntsman: Who? China Ambassador in the Obama administration. As a conservative I say; enough said.

This is why we are shrugging. We will naturally become more energized as the field narrows and we have less peripheral chatter. My hope is Herman Cain or Michelle Bachman can make it to the top tier. That would energize me.

What would energize you?

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