Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Facts Are Clear…

Big government breeds big failure.

Fact; education scores are lowest where government has the most control and parents expect government to teach their children

Fact; the economy will never recover because the reality is we are bankrupt. If the government was a private company they would be forced to close by, well, government regulators.

Fact; the federal workforce is made up of mostly people paid to enforce the regulations of well, the federal bureaucracy.

Fact; government programs have grown based on arbitrary numbers determined by well, the people running the government programs.

Fact; the majority of American school children don’t know we are a republic, are governed by a constitution or the three branches of government. In Detroit a majority can’t even read.

Fact; most politicians in congress have never held a real job. They are mostly lawyers, and bad ones at that.

Fact; One of the agreed upon duties of the federal government is border security. One of the biggest failures of the federal government, border security.

Fact; government control of airline safety is a jobs program and has nothing to do with airline safety.

Fact; healthcare is the final frontier of free markets and freedom. Free markets and freedom are losing.

Fact; the people that lead the left are enemies of our constitution. They are a minority but have a powerful accomplice, the mainstream news media.

Fact; the environment is being used to destroy capitalism. Capitalism is the fuel of freedom and compassion. Capitalism is losing.

Fact; you could fill a book as big as War and Peace with government failure and it still wouldn’t be enough to convince people that limited government is the answer. See fact 1 and 5…

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well said!