Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Positive words…

I have to write something positive because I find myself always criticizing the new direction of this administration. I find very little to be positive about with so much focus on government. So I want to speak about the American people.

The American people are the most compassionate, hardworking, motivated, and optimistic in the world. We are because of all of the economy and philanthropy we have created because we value free markets over government. Any business leader and especially small business owners know how efficient people are when they are rewarded based on individual performance.

Individuals within a free market with lawful frameworks unleash creativity and economy at breath taking speed and accuracy. The only thing that stops this process is government meddling and regulation. The good news is that Americans always find a way to make money when they are incented to do so. That will not change overnight but these policy changes are the first step in the process.

We must do our best to push back and make our thoughts known to the politicians. Make sure you call and write about policies you agree and disagree with to your representatives. The closer we get to 2010 the more willing they will be to listen. I predict a huge change in the makeup of congress in 2010 and just thinking about that puts me in a great mood!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No earmarks in this stimulus?

No earmarks in this stimulus? The President lied; period. There is no other way to spin it. He is a socialist at heart and he hides it in fancy rhetoric as not to give away his hand. His hand is to change the direction of this country; constitution be damned.

He has to lie because his policies when understood are generally rejected by the American people.

This speech was a rhetorical dance between half truths and lies. It relies on the “goodness” of government policies and bureaucrats. And let me tell you - if you haven’t been to the Motor Vehicles lately I encourage you to go there. It will give you a glimpse into where we are going as a nation if we give more power to the government; miserable employees, doing a mediocre job, with little care for the people they are “serving”.

As the President stated, healthcare and education are truly important but I would argue they are too important to leave to the type of people that run our Motor vehicles and inefficient government agencies.

Wake up and just look at the results of any government program or agency to see what we’re in for. The Department of Energy was created to make America energy independent. It was created in the 1970’s. Sixty thousand employees and billions later are we energy independent? The Department of Education takes 90 billion dollars from the states to run the agency. Some of that money is returned and tied in programs that don’t work. What is the state of public education?

Are you willing to bet your life on government healthcare? Look at what government programs have done to Medicare and education. Are young Americans more educated in places like DC, NY, and Detroit?

The evidence couldn’t be clearer; government is good at failure. The only success has been the military and that’s where our President wants to make the biggest cuts. That’s no lie…

If you don’t agree with the “stimulus” move your money…

Don’t fret if you don’t like the government’s bank takeover, just move your money. The best way to fix this mess is to “punish” companies that take tax money. Pull your money from Citi Bank, Bank of America, or don’t buy a car from a company that refuses to make the hard financial changes and choices like GM.

As long as there is a choice make the choice that sends the message you want sent. If you agree with nationalization do business with those companies, if not don’t do business with them. Teach them a lesson in capitalism.

We are moving in the wrong direction and must fight for the values we were built on, freedom, limited government, strong defense, and individual accountability and opportunity.

Don’t give up on a better future, create one. Just a thought…

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama’s plan is well thought out…

Obama just signed into law the most intrusive legislation ever in the history of the US with a price tag of over a trillion dollars. Now he has announced a task force to look at reducing the deficit? Huh! He just increased the deficit by a trillion, and now we are going to look at being more fiscally responsible?

This president could care less about fiscal responsibility; he just knows that when he talks like that it resonates with the average American. He knows that the media will cover it as him being fiscally responsible, and what he is about to target is our military and “rich” folk. And the republicans will be fighting against him, and will be seen as against fiscal restraint and a balanced budget. They are about to be trapped and they don’t even know it yet.

He will target the military for spending cuts and the “rich” for tax revenue increases. He is about to roll out a healthcare plan that he says will improve efficiency in the system and reduce costs. In reality it will do the exact opposite.

I am convinced we are dealing with the most deceitful and clever politician we have ever seen. He puts Clinton to shame. He is trying to change the US into a socialist basket case like the rest of the world. While he talks about fiscal responsibility, efficiency, personal and corporate accountability, he is actually destroying every one of those things through the policies he is actually signing into law.

We must wake up to his plan and his manipulation. He has a plan and it doesn’t include the best interest of the United States…

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The new US Attorney General has called you and me along with all white Americans COWARDS! Eric Holder is a disgrace and has called every one of us racists. Racists? I thought we just elected the first Black President? This is extremely disturbing.

If Eric Holder would like to test his theory maybe he should come to the neighborhoods of white America and have a real discussion on race. He will find exactly what America is; proud, accepting, tolerant, and sick of being called racists by people obsessed with race.

Come on Attorney General - come to our neighborhoods and call us cowards. Come on I dare you; coward!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just leave it alone…

This period of slower economic activity is an adjustment that needs to happen. As people tighten their belts what they are doing is paying their bills, putting money away for future needs in case of job loss, and being more careful on how they spend their money. The result is the debt and equity bubble is being paid off which is what must happen to free up money for future purchases.

It is simple and necessary. This cry for people to just keep spending is irresponsible. It is the free markets at work resetting itself. The government’s meddling is only going to lengthen the process that it will take to create liquidity again. Even if the money is made available to borrow (which it is there for credit worthy people) many people are choosing not to spend. And that is their choice that is the market.

What the government spending bill is doing is adding to people’s debt even though they are not willingly taking that debt on. In other words they are working against the market by forcing more borrowing on the taxpaying consumers. It’s like giving the government your credit card for a spending spree. It’s that simple and that concerning.

That is why Wall Street reacted the way they did today; negatively. They know what’s going on here and they don’t like it. Neither should you…

Monday, February 16, 2009

Anger is building… We must choose our direction as a nation…

I have been talking with people that have lost tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars of value in their 401K accounts and they are angry. Their anger right now is building because there is no sign that the money that was invested in our markets will rebound anytime soon.

As one of those individuals who have been saving for over 25 years I can tell you right now I am beyond anger. I am committing myself to do everything I can to return this country to its greatness. I can no longer just Blog about this, run as a write in candidate, or engage people in discussions about politics. I need to do something productive that influences people to see the vision that our founders had for this country and the blessing they gave to their posterity.

Here is what I am doing right now. I am writing a book to my kids highlighting the greatness of this country and what values supported our greatness. I want them to understand they have been blessed and why it is important to know our history. I am putting together a plan to run for Governor of Colorado. Not as a write in, not as a side bar, but as a motivated citizen that believes there is a better way.

I can’t sleep at night anymore because of what is happening to us as a nation. I feel like a frog in a boiling pot of water trying to warn the other frogs of the outcome I see from this seemingly cozy warm feeling. I have watched my American dream being flushed down the toilet because of the policies of politicians that have no clue about what it is like to live as a working citizen anymore, and I can stand by no longer.

I have watched the families like mine start to get uneasy about the future when we all thought we were doing the things that guaranteed the American dream. What we have always known but many did not realize is the negative impact these politicians could have on our dreams. Interest in politics is starting to take hold as more and more families like mine open up their financial statements and see their kid’s opportunity for college being impacted, retirement plans being squashed, financial independence and freedom being stolen. The realization that government can’t provide these things for us unless they steel them from others is becoming clearer to many that are willing to see.

I can’t live being angry. I must do something to maintain my health and that something is to run for Governor and fight the federal policies at the state level through the implementation of the tenth amendment. We must ground ourselves again in the values that have made us great; individual liberty, limited government, and pride in our nation again by rebuilding free market principles.

It starts with the realization that government is the enemy of a free people. Many of the founding fathers believed government the “necessary evil” to be limited in scope and answerable to the people directly. For some reason we have given up hope on the individual and have invested our hope in government. I only ask you to look at any poor inner city neighborhood and then ask yourself this; do I want to put my hope in a system that creates this circumstance, shackles people’s hopes, dreams, and opportunities or do I believe in my ability to create and foster my own dreams and destiny through freedom?

We are at a turning point in this great nation, and I fear with all of my heart that we have lost our way because we have become overwhelmed by a system that wants to do too much, and we don’t know how to stop it. The only way to stop it is to understand what feeds it. It is fed through the ignorance of the people to understand the motive behind the system. It is not an individual motive rather it is a collective motive that is grounded in human nature. Government takes on a life of its own when it is given too much influence in our lives. When people feel like we have to do something instead of nothing we know we have given the government too much power over us.

We get to this point little by little, one program at a time through a promise of benevolence and compassion but what eventually becomes lies and dominance over our lives. We ask and in order for government to deliver on our requests it must dominate and control to provide our requests. We want to keep people from poverty so the government takes from one individual and delivers the request to another. Compassion is only evident when it is from a giving heart. I ask you what heart does a federal government operate with? Your heart or mine? There is no heart in government bureaucracy and it is obvious to anyone that has had to work through a government bureaucracy. It has no reason to care never mind have a heart.

Providing healthcare, welfare, education, opportunity, I ask to whom does this responsibility fall? If we require government to provide these services how does it determine to who and how much? Who will be required to pay and how much? Can we not provide these services through local communities? And most of all when we depend on individuals to provide for themselves do they not have an investment in themselves to insure they acquire them?

We must have the strength to take back what belongs to us, especially our dignity. What type of society expects others to provide their happiness and necessities? Not the America we built through individual sacrifice and hard work. Too many people have forgotten the importance of self reliance and the feeling that accomplishment brings to each and every one of us. It is God’s gift to America; our understanding that we each have a special purpose to share in this life on earth. Government takes away that opportunity to live out our true purpose on this earth.

So I close not in anger but in hope that we can each realize that it is not overwhelming to return to our founding principles but it is our responsibility to do so. I will do my part. I believe I am part of the plan to return to greatness. Not that I am to be great but to help others realize that they are, and we need them to stop the demise of this nation and return the divine providence that was bequest upon this great nation by our creator.

Don’t let the anger build to a point that you feel even more out of control. Take control by getting involved with taking back what was handed to us by the blood of our forefathers. With the knowledge that we have, driven by an honest heart, we will drive this great nation back to the values that have served us well. It is not the direction we are currently heading it is exactly opposite; less not more government; faith not in government but in ourselves; happiness not given but earned through our own efforts; action by concerned citizens that will be worthy of the respect of our founders. It will feel good, that I will promise you…

Don’t Pay, Don’t Work, Don’t Save…

This is the message and the new direction this president has set forth for our country. A few changes this president believes are good for our country. He believes if you can’t pay your mortgage the government should pay it for you. He believes that the work rules that applied to receiving welfare are no longer needed. And by continuing this government invasion into the private sector he has made saving and investing your money a futile exercise. He has added to this bill the ability for government bureaucrats to decide your healthcare needs.

This is a president that has turned the American culture on its head and there are people blindly following his path. What he doesn’t realize is that at some point the people that didn’t vote for him will stop paying, stop working and stop saving, and then what will he do?

Obama supporters have their hands out. Obama supporters are mostly mis informed people that have no foundation in the realities of the way government destroys most things it touches. Obama supporters are kids with no experience in the real world, and still have their sights on some utopian vision that will never appear. Obama supporters are not even embarrassed that they can’t take care of themselves. Obama supporters have no analytical skills to think about an argument in a clear and concise manner.

Obama supporters are the result of a public education system that has blamed America for every ill in the world, believes all business and corporations are run by greedy executives, and have been taught that we can abandon oil for some new technology that doesn’t exist except on some blackboard of some liberal college professor where they specialize in diversity and woman’s studies.

Obama supporters have never read the constitution or care to. Obama supporters want to silence talk radio because they can’t fairly compete. Obama supporters don’t like to keep score even though their kids do. Obama supporters believe that if we ignore the evil in the world it will go away. Obama supporters are more interested in what the president’s wife is wearing than what is being said. Obama supporters have no money invested and probably work for a union. Obama supporters drive mostly Subaru’s, Volvo’s, Prius’s, and bicycles.

We are surrounded by these people and they cannot be reasoned with. There are two sayings about ignorance; ignorance is bliss and ignorance is dangerous. Obama supporters are in bliss with their new president and we are in danger because of these people.

Stop paying your mortgage, stop working, and stop saving your money. Become an Obama supporter and live in the land of ignorance. Or is it bliss?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

American Embarrassment…

I am proud to be an American. I am proud of a nation that has been responsible for more good in the world than any nation in history. Americans have been able to do that because we were founded by individuals that were extremely suspicious of government power and authored a constitution designed to limit the power of centralized government.

They also believed that the people we would send to represent us would be honorable men of the community but how wrong they were. Let's look at a few of these honorable representatives. We have a degenerate Barney Frank grilling private sector CEO’s on the ethics of their management as he lives with a man and has a gay prostitution ring run from his home. Ted Kennedy killed a woman and got away with it. Christopher Dodd is a drunk and philanderer that s a history of late night escapades with Ted Kennedy.

Nancy Pelosi is married to a man that makes millions off of the federal government policies. William Jefferson indicted on bribery and was found with thousands stuffed in his refrigerator. Charles Rangel fails to report 75K in freebies. Harry Reid declares the Iraq war lost meanwhile a huge election was just completed without violence and most candidates supported US policy. Four Obama cabinet nominees have made “honest” mistakes by not paying their taxes.

Are these the people our founders would have expected us to elect? I look at our new president and the politicians that are responsible for this disgraceful anti American legislation and it is all an embarrassment to America.

This legislation is a disgrace to every American and our history. It dis honors the soldiers that died for this country, and as Americans find out what is in this bill they will be outraged that their representatives didn’t stop it, and even more outraged if they voted for it.

This new president is already the worst president in our history and it is not even a month into his term. We can only hope that the sooner people see how this will steal more of our freedom, continue to drain our savings and home values, and drive us deeper into mediocrity, we will take action. Whatever action is necessary to get our country back.

Our president is an American embarrassment…

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Healthcare for all is a death wish…

You have to read this article based on a book written by disgraced Health and Human Services Secretary Nominee, and former Senator Tom Daschle. Buried in the “stimulus” bill is a move toward mandatory healthcare for all Americans. Sounds good but like any evil plot the devil is in the details.

This government takeover includes a board of bureaucrats that will decide who lives and who dies. What drugs and experimental treatment will be allowed or not. What doctors must do to get paid, and the penalties they will receive if not in compliance with bureaucratic rules.

It includes a database of every American’s health care records under the guise of efficiency but what they will be used for is to decide whether or not you are worth investing precious government healthcare resources into. In other words if you have a medical history of problems you may not be worth the investment for a kidney transplant, heart valve, knee replacement, cancer surgery, or any other treatment that will need to be approved by the bureaucrats.

Again, read this article and the absolute evil that Tom Daschle and the democrats are about to lay on the innocent American public. You will cringe at the idea that your life will no longer be in the hands of you and your doctor, and that your life will be decided on the cost of healthcare and no longer a view of the sanctity of life.

If we allow this to pass without recourse, we deserve our fate. We must fight this insanity. Is it time for the productive people of the world to show up in Washington DC and make our thoughts known? What will it take to motivate us and stop these out of control politicians that apparently believe they can play God with our lives?!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Why so fast?

Obama is out on the campaign trail pushing for this bloated spending bill that is truly an assault on our freedom with the intensity of a time bomb ticking in an episode of 24. Why so fast?

Socialists are trying to leverage a brand new president’s popularity and support. He is using fear tactics unbecoming a President as he brands it with clever rhetoric in campaign like speeches.

I listened to Arlen Specter on the Laura Ingraham show this morning, one of three republicans that are willing to sign on to this boondoggle, defend it as necessary even though he doesn’t like it. Who the heck keeps voting for this man in Pennsylvania? Not an ounce of common sense in this man on this issue. Even John McCain is against this bill. That says a lot.

Calls to Capitol Hill regarding this bill are estimated 100 to 1 against this bill. Where is the media? Where is the outrage beyond the talk radio circuit in the media?

Are we being represented in our government? How can we accept a congress that disregards the people with such contempt? How do we stop this as citizens? It is so frustrating I have heard callers suggesting that we all stop paying our taxes to stop the flow of money to DC. (Why not - democratic politicians don’t seem to pay their taxes) This same caller asked what could the government do if 150 million of us did this; arrest us all? Let them try!

The reason Obama and the socialists are pushing this so hard and trying to scare the pants off everyone is they know that the people don’t want it the more they know what’s in it! If they can get it passed fast we the people will return to our busy lives and forget about this in a few months; they think. And maybe they are right but I feel a tide changing. In the meantime if this bill passes they will have transformed this country to one that our ancestors would never recognize.

It is time to engage in the battle to take back the future of our country. We do that by staying tuned, speaking out, getting people elected that want to slash government from our lives at every level of government from, city council, school board, Mayor, State Representatives, to Governors. Let’s elect people with the backbone to stand down Washington DC and shut off the spicket of money going there. It can be done we just have to do it together…

Friday, February 6, 2009

Talking us into depression…

Our new President has obviously never lead any group of people successfully. There are a billion books on leadership and he is breaking most of the rules that make great leaders. The first is; you must inspire people to follow. The key word is inspire.

Ronald Reagan did this with his optimistic spirit of the “City on the hill”, his undying belief in the American entrepreneurial spirit, his faith in people over government, and his well grounded belief in his core Christian principles.

Barak Obama is perpetuating a lack of confidence in our system by peddling fear and playing on the worst in people. Where is the great orator we heard so much about, the hope, the vision, and utopia? He is already floundering three weeks into his presidency and will continue to if he places his faith in government and not the people. He thinks that creating more government will give us more economy. When has that ever worked? The answer is never.

The markets are built on people’s confidence and Obama has no confidence in the people or the markets. Until he realizes that fear will only perpetuate this down turn, the deeper we will slide economically and the further away from freedom we get.

My fear is that is exactly what he wants. He is frustrated that the debate is going on too long and that he is not getting his way quickly. He has all the makings of a man that would be comfortable being a tyrant. That would be exactly why Reagan had faith in the people not the government. Just a thought…

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let’s do what they do…

The democrats being nominated to cabinet posts and high positions of fiefdom by the new President have had a lot in common; they are all entrenched political hacks, suspicious of the free markets and free people, and they don’t like paying taxes. Now on the final point we have some common ground!

Taxes are the cost to run limited government we thought. Well that is what the founders envisioned. They wanted the federal government to do what was needed to protect the people and commerce of the new United States. Everything else was promised to be left to the states because that was the only way to get the constitution ratified. Oh! How times have changed.

There is a ray of hope though, all we need to do is take a play out of Obama’s nominee’s playbook and stop paying all of our taxes. If I could choose to pay only for the federal services I use it would be the military, and, and, and, let me think, it’ll come to me. Well maybe I’ll think of something else the fed does that I would be willing to pay for. But for now let’s do what the democrats do and only pay the taxes we think we get value from.

Come to think of it maybe we should pass a bill that makes every federal bureaucracy itemize their services and we can pay for what we use from that service. Do you think government would shrink or grow? Now that’s an experiment I would love to participate in!!

Anyone else willing to be the guinea pig?