Saturday, February 14, 2009

American Embarrassment…

I am proud to be an American. I am proud of a nation that has been responsible for more good in the world than any nation in history. Americans have been able to do that because we were founded by individuals that were extremely suspicious of government power and authored a constitution designed to limit the power of centralized government.

They also believed that the people we would send to represent us would be honorable men of the community but how wrong they were. Let's look at a few of these honorable representatives. We have a degenerate Barney Frank grilling private sector CEO’s on the ethics of their management as he lives with a man and has a gay prostitution ring run from his home. Ted Kennedy killed a woman and got away with it. Christopher Dodd is a drunk and philanderer that s a history of late night escapades with Ted Kennedy.

Nancy Pelosi is married to a man that makes millions off of the federal government policies. William Jefferson indicted on bribery and was found with thousands stuffed in his refrigerator. Charles Rangel fails to report 75K in freebies. Harry Reid declares the Iraq war lost meanwhile a huge election was just completed without violence and most candidates supported US policy. Four Obama cabinet nominees have made “honest” mistakes by not paying their taxes.

Are these the people our founders would have expected us to elect? I look at our new president and the politicians that are responsible for this disgraceful anti American legislation and it is all an embarrassment to America.

This legislation is a disgrace to every American and our history. It dis honors the soldiers that died for this country, and as Americans find out what is in this bill they will be outraged that their representatives didn’t stop it, and even more outraged if they voted for it.

This new president is already the worst president in our history and it is not even a month into his term. We can only hope that the sooner people see how this will steal more of our freedom, continue to drain our savings and home values, and drive us deeper into mediocrity, we will take action. Whatever action is necessary to get our country back.

Our president is an American embarrassment…

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