Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Healthcare for all is a death wish…

You have to read this article based on a book written by disgraced Health and Human Services Secretary Nominee, and former Senator Tom Daschle. Buried in the “stimulus” bill is a move toward mandatory healthcare for all Americans. Sounds good but like any evil plot the devil is in the details.

This government takeover includes a board of bureaucrats that will decide who lives and who dies. What drugs and experimental treatment will be allowed or not. What doctors must do to get paid, and the penalties they will receive if not in compliance with bureaucratic rules.

It includes a database of every American’s health care records under the guise of efficiency but what they will be used for is to decide whether or not you are worth investing precious government healthcare resources into. In other words if you have a medical history of problems you may not be worth the investment for a kidney transplant, heart valve, knee replacement, cancer surgery, or any other treatment that will need to be approved by the bureaucrats.

Again, read this article and the absolute evil that Tom Daschle and the democrats are about to lay on the innocent American public. You will cringe at the idea that your life will no longer be in the hands of you and your doctor, and that your life will be decided on the cost of healthcare and no longer a view of the sanctity of life.

If we allow this to pass without recourse, we deserve our fate. We must fight this insanity. Is it time for the productive people of the world to show up in Washington DC and make our thoughts known? What will it take to motivate us and stop these out of control politicians that apparently believe they can play God with our lives?!!

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