Monday, February 16, 2009

Anger is building… We must choose our direction as a nation…

I have been talking with people that have lost tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars of value in their 401K accounts and they are angry. Their anger right now is building because there is no sign that the money that was invested in our markets will rebound anytime soon.

As one of those individuals who have been saving for over 25 years I can tell you right now I am beyond anger. I am committing myself to do everything I can to return this country to its greatness. I can no longer just Blog about this, run as a write in candidate, or engage people in discussions about politics. I need to do something productive that influences people to see the vision that our founders had for this country and the blessing they gave to their posterity.

Here is what I am doing right now. I am writing a book to my kids highlighting the greatness of this country and what values supported our greatness. I want them to understand they have been blessed and why it is important to know our history. I am putting together a plan to run for Governor of Colorado. Not as a write in, not as a side bar, but as a motivated citizen that believes there is a better way.

I can’t sleep at night anymore because of what is happening to us as a nation. I feel like a frog in a boiling pot of water trying to warn the other frogs of the outcome I see from this seemingly cozy warm feeling. I have watched my American dream being flushed down the toilet because of the policies of politicians that have no clue about what it is like to live as a working citizen anymore, and I can stand by no longer.

I have watched the families like mine start to get uneasy about the future when we all thought we were doing the things that guaranteed the American dream. What we have always known but many did not realize is the negative impact these politicians could have on our dreams. Interest in politics is starting to take hold as more and more families like mine open up their financial statements and see their kid’s opportunity for college being impacted, retirement plans being squashed, financial independence and freedom being stolen. The realization that government can’t provide these things for us unless they steel them from others is becoming clearer to many that are willing to see.

I can’t live being angry. I must do something to maintain my health and that something is to run for Governor and fight the federal policies at the state level through the implementation of the tenth amendment. We must ground ourselves again in the values that have made us great; individual liberty, limited government, and pride in our nation again by rebuilding free market principles.

It starts with the realization that government is the enemy of a free people. Many of the founding fathers believed government the “necessary evil” to be limited in scope and answerable to the people directly. For some reason we have given up hope on the individual and have invested our hope in government. I only ask you to look at any poor inner city neighborhood and then ask yourself this; do I want to put my hope in a system that creates this circumstance, shackles people’s hopes, dreams, and opportunities or do I believe in my ability to create and foster my own dreams and destiny through freedom?

We are at a turning point in this great nation, and I fear with all of my heart that we have lost our way because we have become overwhelmed by a system that wants to do too much, and we don’t know how to stop it. The only way to stop it is to understand what feeds it. It is fed through the ignorance of the people to understand the motive behind the system. It is not an individual motive rather it is a collective motive that is grounded in human nature. Government takes on a life of its own when it is given too much influence in our lives. When people feel like we have to do something instead of nothing we know we have given the government too much power over us.

We get to this point little by little, one program at a time through a promise of benevolence and compassion but what eventually becomes lies and dominance over our lives. We ask and in order for government to deliver on our requests it must dominate and control to provide our requests. We want to keep people from poverty so the government takes from one individual and delivers the request to another. Compassion is only evident when it is from a giving heart. I ask you what heart does a federal government operate with? Your heart or mine? There is no heart in government bureaucracy and it is obvious to anyone that has had to work through a government bureaucracy. It has no reason to care never mind have a heart.

Providing healthcare, welfare, education, opportunity, I ask to whom does this responsibility fall? If we require government to provide these services how does it determine to who and how much? Who will be required to pay and how much? Can we not provide these services through local communities? And most of all when we depend on individuals to provide for themselves do they not have an investment in themselves to insure they acquire them?

We must have the strength to take back what belongs to us, especially our dignity. What type of society expects others to provide their happiness and necessities? Not the America we built through individual sacrifice and hard work. Too many people have forgotten the importance of self reliance and the feeling that accomplishment brings to each and every one of us. It is God’s gift to America; our understanding that we each have a special purpose to share in this life on earth. Government takes away that opportunity to live out our true purpose on this earth.

So I close not in anger but in hope that we can each realize that it is not overwhelming to return to our founding principles but it is our responsibility to do so. I will do my part. I believe I am part of the plan to return to greatness. Not that I am to be great but to help others realize that they are, and we need them to stop the demise of this nation and return the divine providence that was bequest upon this great nation by our creator.

Don’t let the anger build to a point that you feel even more out of control. Take control by getting involved with taking back what was handed to us by the blood of our forefathers. With the knowledge that we have, driven by an honest heart, we will drive this great nation back to the values that have served us well. It is not the direction we are currently heading it is exactly opposite; less not more government; faith not in government but in ourselves; happiness not given but earned through our own efforts; action by concerned citizens that will be worthy of the respect of our founders. It will feel good, that I will promise you…

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