Monday, February 9, 2009

Why so fast?

Obama is out on the campaign trail pushing for this bloated spending bill that is truly an assault on our freedom with the intensity of a time bomb ticking in an episode of 24. Why so fast?

Socialists are trying to leverage a brand new president’s popularity and support. He is using fear tactics unbecoming a President as he brands it with clever rhetoric in campaign like speeches.

I listened to Arlen Specter on the Laura Ingraham show this morning, one of three republicans that are willing to sign on to this boondoggle, defend it as necessary even though he doesn’t like it. Who the heck keeps voting for this man in Pennsylvania? Not an ounce of common sense in this man on this issue. Even John McCain is against this bill. That says a lot.

Calls to Capitol Hill regarding this bill are estimated 100 to 1 against this bill. Where is the media? Where is the outrage beyond the talk radio circuit in the media?

Are we being represented in our government? How can we accept a congress that disregards the people with such contempt? How do we stop this as citizens? It is so frustrating I have heard callers suggesting that we all stop paying our taxes to stop the flow of money to DC. (Why not - democratic politicians don’t seem to pay their taxes) This same caller asked what could the government do if 150 million of us did this; arrest us all? Let them try!

The reason Obama and the socialists are pushing this so hard and trying to scare the pants off everyone is they know that the people don’t want it the more they know what’s in it! If they can get it passed fast we the people will return to our busy lives and forget about this in a few months; they think. And maybe they are right but I feel a tide changing. In the meantime if this bill passes they will have transformed this country to one that our ancestors would never recognize.

It is time to engage in the battle to take back the future of our country. We do that by staying tuned, speaking out, getting people elected that want to slash government from our lives at every level of government from, city council, school board, Mayor, State Representatives, to Governors. Let’s elect people with the backbone to stand down Washington DC and shut off the spicket of money going there. It can be done we just have to do it together…

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Anonymous said...

The most this stimulus bill is going to accomplish is to bail out the states, who will then tax their constituents to continue their free spending ways, which is why they are needing gov't handouts today. Until Fed., St. & Local gov't.s rein in their spending, we will always have these cliff hangers. APH