Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let’s do what they do…

The democrats being nominated to cabinet posts and high positions of fiefdom by the new President have had a lot in common; they are all entrenched political hacks, suspicious of the free markets and free people, and they don’t like paying taxes. Now on the final point we have some common ground!

Taxes are the cost to run limited government we thought. Well that is what the founders envisioned. They wanted the federal government to do what was needed to protect the people and commerce of the new United States. Everything else was promised to be left to the states because that was the only way to get the constitution ratified. Oh! How times have changed.

There is a ray of hope though, all we need to do is take a play out of Obama’s nominee’s playbook and stop paying all of our taxes. If I could choose to pay only for the federal services I use it would be the military, and, and, and, let me think, it’ll come to me. Well maybe I’ll think of something else the fed does that I would be willing to pay for. But for now let’s do what the democrats do and only pay the taxes we think we get value from.

Come to think of it maybe we should pass a bill that makes every federal bureaucracy itemize their services and we can pay for what we use from that service. Do you think government would shrink or grow? Now that’s an experiment I would love to participate in!!

Anyone else willing to be the guinea pig?

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