Saturday, January 31, 2009

The “Big Bang” Economic Theory is next?

I feel like we have a gun at our heads with this current administration. The new Treasury secretary (the guy who didn’t pay his taxes but is in charge of taxing us) is about to implement a “big bang” theory to “fix” the economy. Where do we get these characters?

The theory plays like a bad Disney movie; Goofy (that’s Obama) is desperate to look good in front of the audience (that’s us) and he concocts a plan with Pluto (that’s Geithner the T secretary). The idea is to take all of the bad debt that Mickey (Mickey represents the business geniuses that lent money to people who couldn’t pay it back) and hide it in Cinderella’s castle so everyone forgets that it is there.

The seven dwarfs (Goofy’s cabinet and democratic congressional leaders) run around trying to sell the idea that if we hide the Bad credit in Cinderella’s castle, punish Mickey by calling him bad names and taking away his bonuses, start lending again to the people that couldn’t pay back the first round of money lent to them, and they go out and buy more houses and stuff, Disney world will live happily forever.

Bing bang alright. The only way people will go to this movie is if it is the only movie in town. We need a bold new idea from the republicans who stood firm against this insanity. I have the bill and it is 647 pages of vitamins for government strength. This bill is government on steroids. Read it because you will see how deceitful our representatives are in selling this as anything but a government takeover of everything. A trillion dollars buys a lot of power. They are dooming and glooming our economy and have no faith in free people and free markets. They want to control everything.

So just say no to Pluto’s “Big Bang” theory!

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