Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Pelosi is saying should scare you to death…

Nancy Pelosi on a Sunday talk show defended a provision in the “stimulus” package that paid for abortion programs both here and throughout the world. Abortion and contraception are her answers to “stimulating” the economy.

What is scary is that when she was asked to explain - she suggested that if we don’t stop pregnancies or if we let more babies live they will need health care and state services which put a financial strain on state budgets. Here is the translation; when the state runs the health care system (which is in this bill as well) Nancy Pelosi and government bureaucrats will decide who should live and who should die.

The elderly, mentally and physically handicapped, or anyone that becomes a financial burden on the state’s financial resources beware! Nancy Pelosi is going to decide if you are worth spending government funds on. Which are your funds; so your funds could be used to kill you off.

This is not science fiction folks, when you turn over control of anything to the government you turn over control of your freedom. And when it comes to health care you may have handed over your life; literally. To believe that the American people will transfer their fate to people like Pelosi is mind boggling. When the healthcare system has to ration services because they are running out of funds (and believe me that is inevitable), what group or groups of people will be worth saving? Is that God’s decision, your decision, or the government’s decision?

Think about it. Today Pelosi is saying that babies should be aborted because they cost the states money. Tomorrow she will be saying the elderly, handicapped, poor, less fortunate should die because they are costing too much money in the state run health care system.

Are you scared to death yet? You should be…

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