Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let’s teach our liberal politicians a lesson in how the private sector works…

Citi-Bank and Bank of America are crying for more bailout money from us and believe they will fail if they don’t get it. Well, they received a bailout already, and if they can’t make it without another bailout here is my suggestion; stop using these banks.

There are many choices (for now) in where you keep your money and utilize financial services. I say teach these banks and any bank taking tax money a true lesson in free markets. Let every customer take their money out and put it into a local bank or credit union that has been playing by the rules.

We need to reward good behavior to get more of it. So if these big banks want our tax money and our politicians want to be in the banking business (this is not constitutional by the way), let’s show them how ruthless the free markets are. They can take over the banks but we can take our business elsewhere. Let’s leave them with a bunch of useless assets and empty vaults.

Then watch and see what they do with their new found business minus the customers. A simple lesson may show them that they don’t want to be in the rough and tumble private sector. Just a thought…

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