Monday, January 26, 2009

Governor Ritter of Colorado; NO on Terrorists!

Governor Ritter of the great state of Colorado through a spokesman suggested he is not against the idea of housing the 200 plus terrorists now held at Guantanamo Bay at the Super Max facility in Florence Colorado. Obama has closed Guantanamo by executive order. I have no doubt that the prisoners will be securely held within the prison walls, I am concerned about the target that prison becomes, and the danger this potential decision is to the citizens of Colorado. I have a vested interest being a citizen of Colorado with a family that skis at Monarch.

Florence is off of highway 50 near Canyon City Colorado. If you have ever travelled this great state you know the limited route choices you have to access some of the greatest treasures of our state. Including Crested Butte, the Arkansas river near Salida Colorado, and the Monarch mountain ski resort to name a few. By bringing these terrorists to Colorado those routes become a risk. We already house some of the most dangerous criminals in our own country in Florence. And for the citizens of Colorado this concern is always close to the surface. When you drive on highway 50 near Florence there are signs warning motorists not to pick up pedestrians. Stop in Canyon city and you feel very secure when you start noticing how many people are wearing guns and uniforms. But these law enforcement officials will become targets of terrorist supporters as well; outside of the walls of the prison.

How could anyone believe bringing these most dangerous killers to the US a good idea? No other country in the world wants these killers. So how can Governor Ritter believe this will not put the citizens of Colorado at risk? Does he not believe that these terrorists will be a magnate for other terrorists? By putting them in our jurisdiction we are now to trust lawyers to keep them behind bars? What type of people will be visiting these terrorists?

Democrats are known for being soft on crime but housing these ruthless killers goes beyond crime. The Governor should know better. We expect this of Obama but Governor Ritter? Shame on you putting the citizens of Colorado at risk…

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Anonymous said...

Those are all real concerns and another one I would add is the influence that these terrorists would have on other inmates.