Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Wealth Gap Isn’t About Race…

A recent census report highlights the income disparity between Black, Hispanics, and Whites. It focuses on everything but the problem. The disparity is not a function of race but rather of education and personal responsibility. It is easy to suggest that race is a factor but income is an outcome of productivity and has nothing to do with a person’s skin color. It has everything to do with what their value is to the market place.

Why do some people have more income and wealth than others? It is simply the product of years of investment in education and job skills. By investing in education and improving job skills through experience individuals create personal wealth. Of course you must invest and save the income you produce to accumulate greater wealth rather than spending every penny made on wants and desires, but I contend it is behavioral and has little to do with race.

Does that mean the Black community or Hispanic community have failed to produce greater wealth? Yes, but not because they are Black or Hispanic. There are many White people that have failed to produce wealth for themselves as well. What is the cause? Is it simply the color of their skin? Of course not. Skin color is irrelevant to success.

When you dig into the statistics, education is a key indicator of success. Of people that are educated (regardless of skin color) wealth over a lifetime is much more likely. What is the graduation rate of each race? The graduation rate is horrific for inner city minorities and therefore makes them less likely to succeed. If you can’t read, you have a harder time creating wealth.

Personal responsibility is a value instilled in families that creates a foundation for creating wealth. Personal responsibility ranges from strong family values, two parent households, and a strong commitment to self reliance. Government programs have undermined every aspect of personal responsibility. Therefore, any disproportionate number of people from any race on government programs is likely to be a key indicator of failure. The more reliant a person is on government programs the less likely they are to be successful.

So just because you are Black, White, or Hispanic doesn’t matter. Race is a red herring. Anyone in America that educates themselves and avoids a reliance on government programs, believes in the values of personal responsibility is more likely to create wealth. The scary thing about this report is it will be followed by a chorus of people that will want to expand the government programs that are actually creating the problem. The entire effort to increase the wealth of minorities will be focused on increasing government programs, and that will just exasperate the problem instead of fixing it.

The cure to any problem is rarely a government program…

Friday, July 22, 2011

Compromise our Survival?

I hear all of these politicians and some radio hosts talking about the need to compromise. Compromise is a red herring in this debt ceiling debate. The media and politicians have created this current crisis and there is no reason or reality that we will “default” in the real definition of default. The US actually in default would mean we cannot pay the people we borrowed money from which is what is meant when we talk about the interest on the debt. The interest is what we have agreed to pay until the principal on the bonds are paid off.

Here is why compromise is a red herring. Compromise means there are multiple ways to solve a problem. We are headed off an economic cliff if we don’t reduce government and the spending on government programs. We are in a mess because we have allowed an unsustainable growth of the federal government and federal government programs. How do you compromise your future if it means your survival?

Increasing the current tax rates is not only feeding the problem, it is unconstitutional, immoral, and will negatively impact the economy which will actually reduce tax revenue to the treasury. Protecting entitlements in their current state is simply allowing for the destruction of our country. We can’t afford to pay and it is wrong and immoral to harness future generations when we know they will never be able to benefit from these programs. They will be bankrupt by the time these kids hit adulthood.

So how do we compromise with raising taxes when we know it will destroy our future? The rich at some point will find another way or place to move their assets. Believe me they will. The compromises being suggested are simply proposals to kick the can down the road or accelerate the collapse of the country.

The constitution was created to protect us from the exact dilemma we see ourselves in today. The constitution is the document and law designed to limit federal expansion. We have failed as the Constitution’s stewards. We have seen an education system undermine our liberty by ignoring our history and our Constitution, and as a result we have generations of people that don’t even understand how unlawful our federal government truly is. We have become selfish pigs at the trough of government.

Human behavior was the reason the founders designed a balance of powers and included the Tenth Amendment to maintain the States important role in limiting the federal government. Again we have failed. There are some good signs like the Tea Party, Tenth Amendment Center, the Nullification movement, home schooling, and talk radio. But what do we have left to compromise? We are beyond compromise and must reduce the entire federal government.

The ability to compromise has long past. We have given up everything and more by undermining our Constitution and looking to a national government to be mommy, daddy, and the final arbiter of the important issues that should be individual or state responsibilities.

A balanced budget amendment would be a waste of time since that will be ignored just like so many other limits currently in place to oversee the federal government. We need to remove every federal representative and start fresh with a new citizen legislature guided through the process by the Tea Party apparatus.

Then and only then will we save this country from the impending danger we face…

Monday, July 4, 2011

We Mutually Pledge to Each Other Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor…

The men who signed the Declaration of Independence were obviously of a different time which has been long lost in the politicians of today. If a group of current politicians at any level of government were to band together and take that same pledge today they would be laughed at, ridiculed, and possibly arrested for subversive activity against the government of the United States.

We need that same commitment to our constitutional values and liberties those men made in 1776 today in 2011. But we are sadly too soft and have been convinced that it is not honorable to stand up and defend what is right. The moral foundation of this country has been compromised through an education system that has been subversive to the principles of our founding.

The history scores and the pathetic performance of Americans when asked questions about our history and founding are evidence we have been infiltrated by the same evils our founders hoped to eliminate in the miraculous document; the US Constitution. The founders knew that men seeking power and dominance over others was a human trait that had no cure. They knew that the document was a key to maintaining liberty but only if the people that were governed stayed informed and aware of their leaders.

We only have to look at the people that have been elected to our government over the past century to realize we have failed as a people to do our part. There is some hope. There are pockets of patriots like the Tea Party movement which is made up of Americans who care about the law, our constitution, and liberty. Even though they are portrayed by the media and political elite as being an aberration, the movement is growing and passionate about the cause of constitutional government. I am more confident and hopeful knowing that people like the Tea Party are reengaging in the political battlefield.

We are facing a similar battle to the one faced in 1776. That is not hyperbole, demagoguery, over the top, it is simply the truth. For those of us that observe, honor, and relish our form of government we can see the danger we are facing today from an over reaching federal government. This is serious business just as it was in 1776. We have petitioned our government to abide by the constitution but they continue to ignore it. We voted for constitutional candidates in 2012 but have seen little action to stop the current path toward economic destruction. We have a president that believes he can spend our fortunes at his discretion in wars that need further clarification to the connection to our national security. We have a federal bureaucracy determined to intrude into every detail of American life which is undermining our basic rights.

We need our citizenry to stand up against Washington DC as one voice. Not as democrats or republicans but as Americans who want to return to lawful government. What government can give us should not be the standard we judge our government by. It is time to return to the principles of self reliance and a bond created by the states to protect our liberties from foreign invasion and the regular flow of commerce both foreign and domestic. We need a more engaged citizenry that understands the value of history and how that knowledge is the only defense against politicians that are determined to undermine our individual liberties for the sake of some common utopia that can never be realized. Our founders knew what we were capable of if given the freedom to pursue our individual lives and happiness.

We need all Americans today to understand what our founders meant when they said, “we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” Amen and God Bless America on this Independence Day 2011…

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Plan to Redistribute Wealth

I agree with President Obama that it is our responsibility as citizens of this great nation to redistribute our wealth to those less fortunate than those of us that have “succeeded” so far in life. I have put together my own plan, and if you think about it, you can probably come up with a similar plan that leverages your skills and success. If we all put together a plan maybe the federal government will stop implementing its plan that is currently ruining this economy and the country.

On with my plan:

• I have written three books, two of which include advice for people on how to achieve success by becoming passionate about life. One of the books is specifically focused on teens (since I have two) and what it takes to be successful in life.

• I have started a new business that I hope will generate even more income for me which in turn will generate even more tax revenue to be redistributed.

• Over the years I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that I often share with my children, my wife, friends and extended family. This wealth of knowledge I share is often accompanied by additional ideas on how to be more successful in life. By redistributing my wealth of knowledge I am helping others become better at what they do so they can create even more wealth to distribute.

• I am writing another book that I hope will generate more wealth in both ideas and revenue that will be another source of wealth to redistribute.

These are just a few of the things I am doing to redistribute my wealth. Add this plan to the wealth I am already creating by being a productive member of the society and it starts to add up. Imagine the amount of additional wealth we could create if every one of us committed to sharing our wealth of experience with our youth and individuals not as fortunate as ourselves. The amount of wealth that will be created and distributed will be significant.

Instead of taking from us in a compulsive manner, how about letting us distribute our wealth by creating and sharing new ideas in the free market place? People love to share their wealth when it is their choice to do so. People hate to have their wealth stolen from them. It is also important that the people receiving the wealth appreciate the source of that wealth.

In the spirit of our upcoming July 4th celebration of liberty from compulsive taxation of an overbearing central government, what better way to celebrate than to make a plan for wealth independence?

Isn’t this a plan for the redistribution of wealth that will really work?