Friday, July 22, 2011

Compromise our Survival?

I hear all of these politicians and some radio hosts talking about the need to compromise. Compromise is a red herring in this debt ceiling debate. The media and politicians have created this current crisis and there is no reason or reality that we will “default” in the real definition of default. The US actually in default would mean we cannot pay the people we borrowed money from which is what is meant when we talk about the interest on the debt. The interest is what we have agreed to pay until the principal on the bonds are paid off.

Here is why compromise is a red herring. Compromise means there are multiple ways to solve a problem. We are headed off an economic cliff if we don’t reduce government and the spending on government programs. We are in a mess because we have allowed an unsustainable growth of the federal government and federal government programs. How do you compromise your future if it means your survival?

Increasing the current tax rates is not only feeding the problem, it is unconstitutional, immoral, and will negatively impact the economy which will actually reduce tax revenue to the treasury. Protecting entitlements in their current state is simply allowing for the destruction of our country. We can’t afford to pay and it is wrong and immoral to harness future generations when we know they will never be able to benefit from these programs. They will be bankrupt by the time these kids hit adulthood.

So how do we compromise with raising taxes when we know it will destroy our future? The rich at some point will find another way or place to move their assets. Believe me they will. The compromises being suggested are simply proposals to kick the can down the road or accelerate the collapse of the country.

The constitution was created to protect us from the exact dilemma we see ourselves in today. The constitution is the document and law designed to limit federal expansion. We have failed as the Constitution’s stewards. We have seen an education system undermine our liberty by ignoring our history and our Constitution, and as a result we have generations of people that don’t even understand how unlawful our federal government truly is. We have become selfish pigs at the trough of government.

Human behavior was the reason the founders designed a balance of powers and included the Tenth Amendment to maintain the States important role in limiting the federal government. Again we have failed. There are some good signs like the Tea Party, Tenth Amendment Center, the Nullification movement, home schooling, and talk radio. But what do we have left to compromise? We are beyond compromise and must reduce the entire federal government.

The ability to compromise has long past. We have given up everything and more by undermining our Constitution and looking to a national government to be mommy, daddy, and the final arbiter of the important issues that should be individual or state responsibilities.

A balanced budget amendment would be a waste of time since that will be ignored just like so many other limits currently in place to oversee the federal government. We need to remove every federal representative and start fresh with a new citizen legislature guided through the process by the Tea Party apparatus.

Then and only then will we save this country from the impending danger we face…

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