Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Positive words…

I have to write something positive because I find myself always criticizing the new direction of this administration. I find very little to be positive about with so much focus on government. So I want to speak about the American people.

The American people are the most compassionate, hardworking, motivated, and optimistic in the world. We are because of all of the economy and philanthropy we have created because we value free markets over government. Any business leader and especially small business owners know how efficient people are when they are rewarded based on individual performance.

Individuals within a free market with lawful frameworks unleash creativity and economy at breath taking speed and accuracy. The only thing that stops this process is government meddling and regulation. The good news is that Americans always find a way to make money when they are incented to do so. That will not change overnight but these policy changes are the first step in the process.

We must do our best to push back and make our thoughts known to the politicians. Make sure you call and write about policies you agree and disagree with to your representatives. The closer we get to 2010 the more willing they will be to listen. I predict a huge change in the makeup of congress in 2010 and just thinking about that puts me in a great mood!

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