Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama’s plan is well thought out…

Obama just signed into law the most intrusive legislation ever in the history of the US with a price tag of over a trillion dollars. Now he has announced a task force to look at reducing the deficit? Huh! He just increased the deficit by a trillion, and now we are going to look at being more fiscally responsible?

This president could care less about fiscal responsibility; he just knows that when he talks like that it resonates with the average American. He knows that the media will cover it as him being fiscally responsible, and what he is about to target is our military and “rich” folk. And the republicans will be fighting against him, and will be seen as against fiscal restraint and a balanced budget. They are about to be trapped and they don’t even know it yet.

He will target the military for spending cuts and the “rich” for tax revenue increases. He is about to roll out a healthcare plan that he says will improve efficiency in the system and reduce costs. In reality it will do the exact opposite.

I am convinced we are dealing with the most deceitful and clever politician we have ever seen. He puts Clinton to shame. He is trying to change the US into a socialist basket case like the rest of the world. While he talks about fiscal responsibility, efficiency, personal and corporate accountability, he is actually destroying every one of those things through the policies he is actually signing into law.

We must wake up to his plan and his manipulation. He has a plan and it doesn’t include the best interest of the United States…

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shupack said...

Tax the rich? When's the last time a poor man gave anyone a Job?

I just found your blog today and I like your point of view. If I lived in CO I'd vote for you.