Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No earmarks in this stimulus?

No earmarks in this stimulus? The President lied; period. There is no other way to spin it. He is a socialist at heart and he hides it in fancy rhetoric as not to give away his hand. His hand is to change the direction of this country; constitution be damned.

He has to lie because his policies when understood are generally rejected by the American people.

This speech was a rhetorical dance between half truths and lies. It relies on the “goodness” of government policies and bureaucrats. And let me tell you - if you haven’t been to the Motor Vehicles lately I encourage you to go there. It will give you a glimpse into where we are going as a nation if we give more power to the government; miserable employees, doing a mediocre job, with little care for the people they are “serving”.

As the President stated, healthcare and education are truly important but I would argue they are too important to leave to the type of people that run our Motor vehicles and inefficient government agencies.

Wake up and just look at the results of any government program or agency to see what we’re in for. The Department of Energy was created to make America energy independent. It was created in the 1970’s. Sixty thousand employees and billions later are we energy independent? The Department of Education takes 90 billion dollars from the states to run the agency. Some of that money is returned and tied in programs that don’t work. What is the state of public education?

Are you willing to bet your life on government healthcare? Look at what government programs have done to Medicare and education. Are young Americans more educated in places like DC, NY, and Detroit?

The evidence couldn’t be clearer; government is good at failure. The only success has been the military and that’s where our President wants to make the biggest cuts. That’s no lie…

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Anonymous said...

it's like you read my mind. Well put.