Thursday, May 30, 2013

Free Market Healthcare

The future of healthcare is in jeopardy if the government gets a foothold. In order to save healthcare three simple things have to happen to put it in motion; government intrusion must be reversed, doctors need to do what Dr. Ciampi is doing, and insurance companies need to offer a high risk insurance option.

The average family medical insurance plan is now up to $13,000 per year. That’s a monthly cost of $1083.00 per family. And let’s not forget that most of these plans have a co-pay and deductible that must be met before insurance companies pay the bill. If we look at Dr. Ciampi’s price list for services, it becomes apparent that for most families, it would be more cost effective to move from a full medical insurance plan to one that covers only catastrophic care like heart attacks, emergency room visits, broken bones, cancer, etc…

Here is a few of the services and their costs that the Doctor lists. Go here for a complete list.

 Office Visit (brief) $50.00
(one straight forward issue. i.e. cold, sinus infection, bladder infection, etc.)

Office Visit (regular) $75.00
(one issue of moderate complexity or 2-3 simple issues. i.e. diabetes follow up, back pain, abdominal pain)

Office Visit (extended) $100.00
(multiple issues and/or a single very complicated issue requiring more time, counseling, and/or coordination of care with other doctors or hospital)

Complete Physical Exam $150.00
(comprehensive history and physical exam and review of labwork for preventive health maintenance)

Well Child Exam $150.00
(age appropriate history and physical. immunizations usually covered by state at no extra cost)

House Call $200.00
(for patients who are homebound or too sick to come to office. extra charge could apply if longer travel required)

Nurse Visit $20.00
(for follow up of established problems such as blood pressure rechecks, etc. Results reviewed by doctor to modify treatment plan)

House calls! If you figure you get a check-up once a year, maybe some blood work, and a cold or two, most of us would be better off putting the money we spend on insurance toward a catastrophic insurance plan and a rainy day fund.

Most of the prices are reasonable and have actually been reduced because according to Dr. Ciampi, the overhead costs of managing insurance claims goes away and his time and resources go toward patient care. Imagine that! Patient care in the driver’s seat again!

This is a start and only addresses the basic healthcare market but it is the real future of healthcare if we want to continue to be the greatest healthcare system on earth. Free markets work wherever they are tried and not interfered with by government rules and regulations…

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