Monday, August 3, 2009

It is time for the states to play the feds game!

The Federal government has been trampling the US Constitution aggressively since FDR. FDR used the economic crisis of the thirties to pass legislation that started this country on the slippery slope of policies that diluted individual freedom in favor of collective programs. Although “taking care” of people sounds good, no government program can replace individual ingenuity.
Government programs should always be designed for short term problems. All government programs should have “sunset” clauses so they end or have to be voted on and renewed based on true need so we avoid future dependency. Government is responsible for stealing the dreams of millions of Americans by substituting hand outs for hand ups.

If we expect to save the constitution for our posterity we must be willing to do what the feds have done at the state level; ignore the laws that the feds pass. Just like the feds have ignored the constitution we need to ignore the federal mandates and programs that undermine our ability to prosper.

The States and their citizens (individuals) must band together to take back our constitutional republic. The way we do that is to encourage the Governors to institute a constitutional discussion to agree on the laws and programs we will handle at the state level. I have to say I can only think of one major program that all states and citizens will agree needs our financial support and that is our military. Beyond that I think we will have a fight on our hands. But I think the “fight” will be a good way to highlight the waste, fraud, and abuse that is inherent in most federal programs. We need to assess every federal program and apply a constitutional test; is it constitutional and does it meet the general welfare clause? Taking money and property or giving favor to one group or another may meet a specific welfare clause but most federal programs today do not meet the criteria. They have become redistribution schemes which are unconstitutional.

The general welfare clause in our constitution was included to qualify the eighteen enumerated powers given to the federal government. The general welfare was meant to help determine if the benefit of a program met the criteria that it would help the entire nation; hence the “general welfare” of the United States. So when you look at the bailouts of private institutions, does bailing out General Motors benefit the entire nation or the union workers at GM? Allowing a business to go bankrupt although difficult is the best way to help businesses to get back on their feet. The founders and Supreme Court before the 1930’s would have found these bailouts unconstitutional. Why? Because bailing out private citizens or institutions is beyond the enumerated powers of the federal government and it doesn’t meet the general welfare clause.

It is time to ignore the feds and go back to the founding intent of the Constitution. We need to stop this insatiable assault on our freedom and our posterity’s future…

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